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Posted by nesrulz

SERT 5th Birthday - Racing Weekend

SERT 5th Birthday - Racing Weekend

Date and time of event: 17.NOV.2010.
at 21:00 h UTC

Posted by sid6.8

24 Hours - The first Endurance in 2011

UER Racing and Tsaitschen Multigaming present in association with Blackbyte Boot Camps the 24 HOURS of Aston Historic reverse.

The first endurance race in 2011 will be held on Jan 08, 2011, at 12.00 CET.

It will run two classes.
The GTR class with the FXR, XRR and FZR and the Open Wheel class with the FOX.

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The 30 hours of the Master Race car

Hello Everyone,

The MRc team organize this weekend, the 30 hours of the Master Race car
The event begin Saturday, October 16 at 10 am and ends Sunday, October 17 to 17 hours.

the driver with the most points will win a license S2.

Posted by Master race car

[MRc] Play-off event

Hello racers,

We are pleased to announce the [MRc] Play-off event : "Race of Champions" layout will load on S2 Server makes it into a WRC special stage two car track.
The event would be a series of races one on one.
Racers are paired up and the winner proceeds to race the winner of another race until last 2 standing.

Posted by Victor

LFS Benchmark site updated

Hello all,

The Unofficial LFS Benchmark website had gathered some dust, but it's back now.
There is a new Z28 replay available, for a fresh benchmark listing.
I think all the new hardware components that have become available since the last update have been added, so you can give your new system a whirl again and see where it ends up on the list.

Posted by hanzime

Season 7 race 2

Next Sunday we will have the practice race for the 2nd race of this season.
Track to burn the rubber on is Aston National (AS3) .
The car stays the same.
the MRT.

Posted by GreyBull [CHA]
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

unified>>b0rn wins August 2010 Special Event for his first ever FRL race

After a 2 months summer break, the Fun Racing League was back for a special one-off special event on Wednesday August 18th 2010.
The event was ran on one of S2's longest track, Aston Historic, with the "drivers' favorite", the lightest road car of LFS, the LX4.

With 27 cars at the start, it looked like this would be a very tough event.
Before the qualifying session, three drivers were catching all the attention though: the World Record holder unified>>b0rn, the road car specialist and FRL race winner CR|troy, and the reigning FRL champion Naselli.

Posted by CarstenH

ALTERNATE 24 Hours of Aston Grand Prix <--- Updates & Promotion Video!

Dear Live for Speed Community,
Since we announcend the 24 Hours of Aston Grand Prix last week we are pround to welcome 20 Teams for now.
That means there are just 10 Slots left for the race.
So, get your friends together and sign up for this great event!