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Posted by Webflat

ineX Racing' set the pace! MTX made their dreams come true and the veteran train of team inactive wins the LRF class in their LX

“ineX Racing set the pace!”
That’s what it looked like this weekend. If you need a package of Performance, reliability and teamwork there’s pretty likely written “ineX” on this package. Right from the start they left no doubts that they’re not leading the LFS-scene for no reason, they’re also here to win this 24h race.

Posted by Victor

A blast from the past

Hello LFS Racers,

Inspired by some community members trying to get an old S1 version working, with some success, we decided to see if we could help. After digging up the source code for a reliable old test patch S1H6, released in March 2005, in a few hours it was up and running again. Three small changes were needed so that :

Posted by Victor

Tyre and racing physics progress report

Dear LFS Racers,

We hope you have had a good year.