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Posted by Kova.

FSR Team : 4 years already!

Thursday, the 23th June 2011, FSR Team celebrated its 4 year.
Yes, it's been 4 years now, since Stan31 and Charlesnitrous have launched the team.
The stories continues with Kova.
leading the team on the good way.

Posted by Victor

Hotlaps re-checked & now only 0.6B accepted

It's been a little over a week now since the new patch 0.6B was released.
We have re-checked all 55000 hotlaps with this new version, because it contains better collision detection.
So many South City hotlaps have been deleted now, due to wall-hits.
Around 2000 hotlaps have been removed.

Posted by Victor

Which type of driving do you enjoy the most?

A simple question with a hopefully simple answer Smile

Please cast your vote at our polls site

Posted by Victor

New version : 0.6B

Dear LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce a new version of Live for Speed with many updates and improvements.
The new tyre physics model is still in development, so this version uses the old tyres but with an improved collision system, open track configurations, free view mode, and much more.
It provides some interesting new features for LFS racers, while we continue our development.

Posted by dekojester

LFSCART 2011 begins with a dominating performace, and a few more drivers than usual

The first round of the 2011 LFSCART Season took place at a track from the original season - Aston North.
It was brought back to the series after going well in season one.
This season sees record signups, and set an all-time LFSCART attendance record (excepting the Kyoto 500) with 45 drivers attempting to qualify for the race.

The race started under clear skies, with Jarno Lehikoinen on pole.

Posted by CarstenH

Team ALTERNATE presents the 24 Hours of Kyoto Grand Prix Rev <--- Sign Up open!!!

Dear Live for Speed Community,
Team ALTERNATE is proud to present you the second 24 Hours Race in Live for Speed.
On Saturday, June 18th the ALTERNATE 24 Hours of Kyoto Grand Prix Rev will start.
This time we take the Formula V8 and the Formula BMW around the track.