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Posted by TFalke55

Drifting is fun, as you see more than on a straight run...

a rhyme, not only giving a good description of drift events, but also giving a good idea of how round 6 of City Liga 14 was like.
But in case of XRTs driftig around South City, there is not much you can see in addition to driving regulary as the buildings prevent to find new horizons.
Also speed and tyres are victims of this style of driving a car.

Posted by Eclipsed
All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

AWS 2012 set to go at december 12th!

The winter is comming,in Northern part of Europe it means snow and slippery road conditions as a result of snowing.
What's the best way to have fun in this cold season? Pack out your all-wheel-drive car and go to a lonesome icy road or frozen lake! This is how the idea of this league has born - take LFS's both all-wheel-drive cars,use modified road sign "Slippery road" as logo, plan a callendar to have a nice variety of racing experience and here we go - it's time for:

All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2012

Posted by CarstenH

Team ALTERNATE 24 Hours of Kyoto Grand Prix Rev <- Official Results!

Four weeks ago we hosted the 24 Hours of Kyoto GP reverse and now it is time for the official results.
After watching the whole replay and adding all penalties to the tracker we are now able to announce the winners in all three classes.
It has been a very close race in the GT2-Class but at the end the LowLandLions drove 606 laps and won.
Second placed spdoRacing completed 605 laps and Team-Evo ended up third with 604 Laps.

Posted by paulistabr


01Nov 20hs GMT Let's start our season in MVLFS!
We invite you to participate in our chat and watch our first season MVLFS TBO, let's live broadcast, do not waste time and come to support us.
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