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Privacy Policy

We can be real simple about this : we will never share any of your personal details with anyone.
The only exception is if you break the law, then we may have to inform the authorities and hand over your details.

We do not place any tracking cookies in your browser and we also do not use advertising networks that will track you. In fact we do not use advertising networks at all. We do use Google+, Facebook and Twitter buttons that may place cookies.

We take great care securing all the data you submit to this website.
We frequently review and update our website software to make sure no known bugs are present. That said, it can happen that unknown security holes are present, as is the case with almost all software. If your data is compromised because of such an exploit, we will first fix the problem and then inform you about it.

What are your private personal details that will never be publically visible or shared?

  • Your email address, password and mobile phone number
  • Your full name, unless indicated otherwise on your account settings page,
  • Your payment details and credit, skin and sms balances,
  • The IP addresses you connect to our website with. Note that we explicitly state our website only - when you race online with Live for Speed there will be 3rd parties who can see your IP address, such as the person running the host you are connected to. We cannot be held liable for any result that 3rd party knowledge may have.

When you race online with Live for Speed, much of your racing activity will be uploaded to and made visible on You can opt to hide a lot of it, but some information such as which public host you are online at, will always be visible to the public.