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Vehicle Mod Submission Guidelines

1. Vehicle mod usage requirements
1.1An S3 licensed account is required to be eligible for vehicle mod submissions and downloads.
2. Content that requires permission

Written and signed permission from the content or copyright owner must be provided if your mod matches any of the criteria below.
The content owner's contact details (name, phone number and / or email address) must be included in the document.

2.1Content containing real car names and / or logos. You cannot give your vehicle mod the name of a real vehicle, unless you have permission from the manufacturer.
2.2A 3D model you did not create yourself. E.g. imported or converted from another game or program
3. Prepare and submit your vehicle mod archive for publication

When you are done creating your vehicle mod inside the LFS Editor, you can prepare it for publication.
Three steps are to be taken to publish your mod:

  1. Generate a unique Skin ID for your mod by creating a new Vehicle Mod Submission. Assign the newly generated Skin ID to your vehicle mod, inside the LFS Editor.
  2. Generate a vehicle mod archive, using the Publish feature of the LFS Editor.
  3. Upload the archive to the submission entry you created in step 1 for it to be reviewed and published.
Once reviewed and published your mod will become available for use in LFS according to its access level. (see 4.7 - Access Level)

4. Vehicle mod submission form requirements

Vehicle mod archives must be created using the LFS Editor in order for your submission to be accepted.

4.1Name: the name of your vehicle mod must be unique in the system and may be no longer than 27 characters. It should be a good descriptive name and may not contain swear words or any other inappropriate words. You cannot give your vehicle mod the name of a real vehicle, unless you have permission from the manufacturer. The name must not be very similar to a real brand or model name.
4.2Short Description: a short description of your vehicle mod must be provided (up to 63 characters). This will be displayed in game and on your mod's web page. It should provide some information about your mod. It may not contain swear words or any other inappropriate words. The short description may not contain any references to a real vehicle name or brand, unless permission has been explicitly granted by the manufacturer.
4.3Description: a more detailed description of your vehicle mod must be provided. It doesn't have to be long and elaborate but it should provide some information about your mod. This will be displayed on your mod's web page. It may not contain swear words or any other inappropriate words.
4.4Cover Image: a cover image for your vehicle mod will automatically be generated and included in the archive when you publish the vehicle mod in the LFS Editor.
4.5Skins: skins for your vehicle mod can be included in the LFS Editor during the editing process. The skins will then automatically be included in the archive when you publish the vehicle mod in the LFS Editor.
4.6Screenshots: Provide at least 5 in-game screenshots of the front, rear and side views, an interior screenshot and at least one action screenshot. Up to 10 screenshots can be uploaded.
4.7Access Level: there are four access leves for vehicle mods: Public, Custom, Team and Private. These enable you to determine who is allowed to use the mod. Note that in order for other racers to see your mod, a mod will always be downloaded by anyone you meet online, but depending on the access level, they may or may not be allowed to use it online.
4.8Copyright Licenses: Each Vehicle Mod must be accompanied by information about copyrights and licenses for models you download from the internet or obtain from any external source. You must also choose a license for your submitted work. The LFS Manual contains a section about licenses currently supported by our system. The Vehicle Mod submission process contains wizards to guide you and select the correct licenses. But it is good to familiarise yourself with the different license types up front.
5. The initial review process

When you have uploaded your first vehicle mod archive and completed your submission form, you can submit it for review and publication. This process is performed by volunteers from the LFS community and the LFS developers who will judge your vehicle mod on the following points:

We realise there are subjective aspects within the reviewing process. Reviewers' judgement however is final. Please realise we have no reason to withold mods from publication - it's all in the good of the LFS community. But at the same time we cannot take risks and we need to keep our racing simulator fun and conflict free for everyone, so reviewers have to be strict when it comes to publication of vehicle mods.

5.1Copyright: if there is any doubt about the originality of a mod, more information may be requested from you to prove it's either your own content, or that you have permision from the content creator to publish and use the 3D model inside LFS.
5.2Vehicle Mod Name: we may reject a vehicle mod if its name is deemed unsuitable for any reason or if the naming guidelines stipulated in 4.1 of these regulations are not adhered to.
5.3Unsuitable Content: any aspect of a vehicle mod that is (potentially) unsuitable for LFS racers will be rejected or may be requested to be adjusted.
5.4Low Quality Content: mods that are of low quality or underdeveloped may be denied publication.
5.5Review Wait Time: your submission first enters a public review stage before being processed by our reviewers. This may take some time, depending on public support and reviewer availability. Wait time is expected to be much shorter if there is a development thread describing the source (if applicable) and the development process.
6. Possible initial review outcomes

The first time review process can have 3 outcomes:

6.1Published: your mod has been published - congratulations and have fun!
6.2Requires Changes: your mod requires changes of any kind. You will receive more information via email. Once you have applied these changes, create a new Vehicle Mod Archive and upload it to your submission entry. Submit it for review once more to commence the review process.
6.3Denied: your car mod has been denied publication. You will receive more information via email.

Once your first Vehicle Mod submission has been published, you can self-publish any consecutive submissons. If however at any time you introduce changes that are unacceptable and breach any of the clauses in section 5, or your Vehicle Mod contains visual changes that are substantially different from the initially reviewed mod, we reserve the right to un-publish or delete your Vehicle Mod, optionally combined with denying you further access to the Vehicle Mod submission and review process.

7. Getting your Vehicle Mod approved
7.1Once your first Vehicle Mod submission is published it will have an UNAPPROVED status.
7.2UNAPPROVED Vehicle Mods can be used online in LFS, but only on hosts that have the "allow unapproved mods" feature enabled.
7.3All S3 licensed users can rate your Vehicle Mod for overall quality, technical quality, graphical quality, physics quality and engine sound quality.
7.4When at least 60 people have rated your mod and all ratings have at least achieved 4 stars your mod will be eligible to become APPROVED. You do not have to do anything for this, except make improvements to your Vehicle Mod in order to gain the required level of quality.
7.5Live for Speed reserves the right to change these approval requirements at any moment.
7.6Once the required level of quality is attained, the team of reviewers will perform one more review of your Vehicle Mod. If it passes all requirements stated in section 5 plus additional technical checks, your mod will be approved.
7.7After your Vehicle Mod has gained its APPROVED status, you can continue to update and improve your mod, using the Vehicle Mod submission form and self-publication.
7.8Your Vehicle Mod can lose its APPROVED status if its quality is decreased by updates after approval.
7.9Live for Speed reserves the right to revoke your ability to submit Vehicle Mods if the self-publication process is abused or used to introduce regulation breaching aspects to your Vehicle Mod.
8. Vehicle Mod retention / lifetime

No mod is guaranteed to be retained on our system, and as such, mod creators should keep a copy of all relevant files. The LFS servers are an exchange mechanism, not a safe repository for your work. Any mod can be deleted for any reason in future, including but not limited to:

8.1Low quality mod that is not often used.
8.2Work in progress mod that is not further developed.
8.3Our standard of quality of acceptance changes in future.
8.4Breaches guidelines or rules that applied at the time the mod was made.
8.5Breaches guidelines or rules after they are adjusted at a later time.
8.6Mod is found to breach any copyright or intellectual property.
8.7Mod becomes obsolete due to changes in LFS physics.
8.8Possible loss of data due to server problems.
9. Disputes

We have a review process in place to hopefully avoid future disputes about inappropriate or unauthorised content.
If however some detail has been overlooked during the review process and you wish to address this, you can file a dispute by contacting the LFS developers.
We will review every report and typically get back to you within 48 hours.

10. Changes to the regulations
10.1Live for Speed reserves the right to update these regulations if changes are required.