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Posted by Eclipsed
V8 Racing League
V8 Racing League

7th season of V8 Racing League starts on upcoming monday

The 6th season of VERL brought to Race Green Events leagues the first ever returning champion,now it's time for 7th season - will it bring the triple champion,2nd double champion or a brand new one? This is something we have to find out during next 2.5 months in the league using the fastest aids free car of LFS - Formula V8.
To award best drivers,Race Green Events will present small money prizes for 3 best drivers of the season.
This season league has been moved to other weekday due too tight schedule on original day - the 2021 VERL will be run on mondays.

Posted by d_cury

TAM Series, Evento 9 Septiembre

El auto seleccionado por votación para el evento Septiembre de la TAM Series fue el Formula 08, la pista Kyoto GP Long modificada, 26 de septiembre 21 hs (-3GMT) sin inscripcion previa.
Server: TAM® Team America.
Password: septiembre.

Posted by joaopaulopt

Event canceled due to bad internet connection :(

Hello everyone, we hereby inform you that unfortunately we are forced to cancel the race due to bad internet connection which has made our server unstable.

We will not give up on our big goal of launching the championship and we will want to work hard on its future realization.
We are grateful for the strong support for messages we have been receiving, please be aware that we are going to work hard to be able to launch it in a championship format.

Posted by d_cury

TAM series event 8

The car selected for the August event is the UF1, the combo is already on the server.

El automovil seleccionado para el evento del mes de Agosto es el UF1, ya se encuentra el combo en el server.

more info

Posted by youliftyoulose
Absolute Beginners Racing League
Absolute Beginners Racing League

Absolute Beginners League Offers Prize Money

Absolute Beginners is pleased to announce we have secured a Canadian company (TM Pacifitech) to sponsor some prize money for our upcoming Season 15 which is scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 11, 2021.
The season will consist of 10 rounds of racing finishing just before Christmas of 2021.
Our schedule of combos is currently posted.

Top 4 in points at the end of the season receive the following monetary compensation:

Posted by HeRRC


The event consists of 2 races of approximately 30 minutes each, it will be held in the Layout created for the Autocross track (AU1X)

On Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.
in Argentina (GTM-3).

In this case it will be use XFG.

Posted by HeRRC


The event will consist of a multi-class race lasting approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes on the Aston Gran Prix (AS5) circuit.
On Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.
in Argentina (GTM-3).
The same son:

Posted by HeRRC

V8 500

The event consists of a qualifying stage held on Friday 06/25 at.
9:30 p.m.
and 1 race of 166 laps (500km) to be held on Saturday 06/26 from.
19:30 hs from Argentina (GTM -3) using the Formula V8 (FO8) vehicle on the circuit.

Posted by d_cury

TAM series event 7

El automóvil seleccionado para la fecha 7 de la TAM Series fue el LX4.
A Entrenar!! ya está el combo en el server TAM®TEAM AMERICA, los esperamos...

The car selected for date 7 of the TAM Series was the LX4.

Posted by d_cury

TAM Series delivers its first S3

Team America congratulates pilot LLautaro Chodini (FR) Chodita on obtaining the first S3 license granted by the TAM Series in 2021.

Posted by Eclipsed
Short Track Auto Racing League
Short Track Auto Racing League

STARL 2021 brings a racing trilogy with 70€ prizepool for top3 racers.

2 years have been completed racing short tracks and this summer it's time for the 3rd try - competition so far has not been very strong,so this year league returns shortened and with some changes to hopefully improve the competition,while small prize money will be awarded to the best racers this season.
The car for STARL will stay the same again - it's the front engined rear wheel drive XRT,delivering 247 horsepower from it's 2 liter turbocharged engine,while car's dry weight is just over 1200kg.

Posted by Tomfuel
GUM Garage Enduro event !
GUM Garage Enduro event !

3 Hours Enduro - solo seat at GUM GARAGE - Formula BMW

3 hours enduro with Formula BMW on an exclusive Gum Garage 12.7km layout creation(Kyoto) - a GUM Garage event.

The 5th enduro race of the GUM Garage will set in 25/06/2021 at 20h00 cest (start) - rdv/meeting at 19h45 cest

Formula BMW with Road Tyres !

Posted by Victor

Progress Report: South City, part 3

Hello Racers,

It has been a while so we'd like to tell you what we've been doing and some plans.
You may have been expecting a report about Fern Bay.
But Eric had so many ideas for new ways to link up roads at South City he wasn't ready to stop.

Posted by d_cury

TAM series event 6 (June)

Next Sunday, June 6, the 6th date of the TAM Series corresponding to the month of June will be run.
This time, the car selected by vote is the XFG and a layout will be contested on the Westhill track.
On this date it will be known who is the first winner of the update to S3.

Posted by NumberTwo
Fragmaster's Fox Friday

11 years of Fox Fridays!

Fragmaster is proud to announce that on 4th of June 2021 Fox Fridays will be 11 years old.

As a longest standing active LFS league, we are hoping to bring you something old, to cherish all the fun races we had in all the years we raced.

We will organize a race on old version of Westhill International.

Posted by d_cury
TAM Series
TAM Series

TAM series event 5

This Sunday, May 9, is the 5th date of the TAM Series that grants two updates to S3, one in June and one in December.
We remember that this time the FOX formula will be used in a layout in the Backwood industrial park, The date will consist of 10 minutes of qualifying plus 2 races of 30 minutes plus one lap, with mandatory pitstops, the 2nd race will be with an inverted grid.