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Posted by TFalke55

LFSCART Clockwise 111

The LFSCART Light Winter Series 2010 started with the Clockwise 111 as feeder race to the LFSCART Season Finale at Kyoto.
The oval driven in clockwise direction showed the year before in LFSCART that it is a place of very dramatic races.
For the Light division 60 laps plus 2 formation laps were scheduled.
However the race should end before reaching full distance because of the strickt time of 60 minutes.

Posted by Victor

Vote for the next LFS T-Shirt design

Hello racers,

Several dozen people have created an LFS T-Shirt design over the past couple of weeks (forum thread) and now the time has come to cast our votes and decide the best 5 designs.
From those 5 we LFS devs will select the winning design and with it create a limited edition T-Shirt for the LFS Shop.
The winner will receive one of these for free.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

23/09/2009 FOX on Kyoto National

After Aston Historic, Westhill rev and Fer Bay Black, next race of the Monthly Trophy of September will be on the fast circuit of Kyoto National.

Last race on Fe Black was really hard and only 8 drivers finished the race, at start they were 26!!

Naselli has won the first three races, there will be someone who can beat him?

Posted by TCRluca

RLB Category test race #1

Hello racer! its time to start with the test race of this strange category!
For the first things repeat who is the RLB category:
The RLB is do by RAB "RAC 33%restrict" & LXB "LX4 19% restrict"

Posted by snoring_snoopy

iCON NEWS 8/2009 published


I proudly present the 8th issue of the iCON News in this year.
Inside: the introduction of the BnJ Revival cup and of its drivers, and much more.......

You will find it here

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Race 2 FOX@WE1r | Starting grid

The starting grid is ready for next race, wednesday 9th September.

We'll expect a great race: great laptimes and top-class drivers will make this competition a show.
And we hope to fix technical troubles of streaming the race live on Livestream

Posted by Victor

LFS Stickers at

Have you always wanted a Live for Speed sticker to decorate your computer, wheel, car, bike or dog? Well, now they are available at the LFS merchandise shop.

They come as sheets that contain 10 stickers each.
Made of vinyl they are weather resistant so they can be used both inside and outside on any smooth surface.

Get yours while they last Smile

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

FOX race on Aston Historic rev achieved

Beyond the highest expectations! Great success for the first race of the Monthly Trophy of September.
In a long race, one hour and a quarter, the gap between the winner (the implacable Maurizio Naselli) and third (Sermilan) was only 3.8 seconds.
On second place CREisbaer: fast and steady, with a good race strategy.
Sermilan did the fastest lap in 2.25.88, just a 0:00.77 from wr.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

FRL first race is coming! wed 2nd Sept

Hi all.
This is a reminder for the first race of The Monthly Trophy FOX starting in few days on 2nd September 2009.

Old rules reminder:
- You must subscribe to every event, if You want to partecipate to the race.

Posted by GreyBull [CHA]

Felipe (oldnavy) Corner Episode 2 Season 1 released !

After his popular and quite controversial first attempt, Felipe is back, for another LFS related show ! This time, Felipe will do a short recap of the important leagues of this Summer, and then will tell you what will be the leagues you should keep an eye on during the next Winter.
The show will end with an interview of GianniC, manager of the South City Cab Company, the almost 5 years old team, known for its famous motto « Fast, Fair and Funny ».

Here you can check it ! :

Missed the first episode? No worries, you can still watch it here ! :

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Fun Racing League restarts on September

Hi all.
On September will start the new season of the Fun Racing League with the Monthly Trophy FOX.
Every wednesday a race with the Formula XR.
The admins worked hard to improve the league: we must thank lot of league members for the suggestions.