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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

First DoP Race overshadowed by Red Flag!

The favorites came out on top without any trouble during the race. Fantastic speed from 'Hillen' and 'bOrn' again. 'ineX Racing' unlucky second.

The Winner in the GTR Class - 'ev0»Racing B to teh F'

Even 'Xcite' again, on top. But the great compare between 'Silver Ayer' and 'Xcite' will follow in the 24 hours Race.

The Winner in the N-GTR Class 'Xcite - Magical DoReMi Revolution'

Are these guys the fastest team in the LX6 ever? ''Concept Racing' have had to much misfortune. We expect the revenge in Kyoto with ''ev0»Racing #LRF' placed on 2nd.

The Winner in the LRF Class - 'Golden Ayer'

Connectionproblems were the reason for a time out during the 12h Race in Kyoto. After six hours and a short break the second six hours part started. All -1 lap penalties were deleted, the results are adjusted.

We wish all drivers and teams, happy christmas, a new patch and a happy new year,
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