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LFS Forum Rules of Conduct

1. LFS Forum Rules of Conduct
1.1When I post a message on this forum, I will do my very best to write in a polite manner and not use foul language and / or insult an individual or group of people.
1.2I shall not post illegal software or post links to illegal software on this forum. Illegal software is software published without permission from the author or copyright owner.
1.3I shall not post images, or links to images, which contain offensive content such as nudity, pornographic, racist or any other clearly offensive content such as excessive violence.
1.4Vehicle Mods as supported by Live for Speed as of version 0.6W can be discussed in the designated forum sections. Unofficial mod discussions such as "VOB mods" are not allowed.
1.5I shall not post screenshots of so called vob-mods; modifications to the shape of any car in LFS. Official Vehicle Mod screenshots and discussions are accepted.
1.6Other "mods" such as modifications to the Live for Speed exe, must be discussed with a moderator before being released on the forum. If a mod is approved by a moderator, it may then be released in the appropriate section of the forum. Please do not contact a developer as we do not support mods and do not have the time to deal with them. Any mods which allow online cheating or circumvent HLVC will be rejected.
1.7I realise that if I ignore this agreement, I risk being denied access to this forum.
2. LFS Forum Privacy Statement & Disclaimer
2.1Live for Speed shall never give any of your personal details to others, unless required by law. Your privacy is very important to us.
2.2The Live for Speed Forum is a public website. That means anyone can read and write on this forum.
2.3Live for Speed tries to keep their forum a clean place where common sense is the main guideline.
2.4Because of the public nature of this forum, Live for Speed cannot be held directly responsible for inappropriate content.
2.5If you spot any content that you think does not belong on this forum, you can report it to us for further investigation.
2.6It is not allowed to (re)sell your LFS license on this forum. In fact, it is not allowed in general to sell your LFS license, as is the case with any license.