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Live for Speed Game Hosting


When you have created a host, it is not immediately started. This allows you to first configure it before you start it via the host management pages.

You can configure every option of the dedicated host software, either through the web interface, or in-game, so you are in full control over the host.

You can also ban IP addresses and ranges from your host, through the web interface.

Another often used option is the InSim interface. InSim is always enabled on your host, but by default nobody is allowed to connect to it. You must manually configure which IP addresses and ranges are allowed to connect.


We keep track of all your host's replays and logs and make them available for you to download and view respectively. They will be stored for 3 months or until you either delete your host from our system entirely, or until your host will be purged after 30 days of inactivity (while being switched off).

If you are in need of a permanent host, you can rent one here.
With just a few clicks, our fully automated system will have your host configured and up and running.

Subscription hosts

You can rent hosts on a subscription basis. That means you pay in advance for a certain period of time: 3 months, 6 months, or a whole year. You will receive a billing notification two weeks before a subscription period is about to end, allowing you to renew it by making a payment, if you wish.

Semi Annually
15 slots N/A N/A £5.00 / 12 months
47 slots £5.00 / 3 months £9.00 / 6 months £15.00 / 12 months
79 slots £7.00 / 3 months £12.00 / 6 months £20.00 / 12 months

In-Game Temporary hosts

You can create a free host from within LFS itself (Multiplayer -> Start new host). These hosts can run forever for as long as there are people racing on it. The host will shut down after 5 minutes of being empty, or whenever you click the "end host" button on the main menu.

You can create 1 of these in-game hosts per LFS account.

When an in-game host has been created you can manage it from within LFS via the "options" button on the main menu (if you are an administrator), but also from within this website at There you can also find the host's IP address and InSim port in case you would like to connect your own InSim application to it.