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Commercial Use

This is the situation where you use Live for Speed in a permanent or temporary simulator setup and you make profit by charging customers who use the system.

For this purpose, you must contact the LFS developers and arrange a commercial license. A commercial license requires a small recurring payment and gives you permission to charge customers and make profit from the use of Live for Speed. Payments may be monthly or annually. Although you have only a single license, we will provide sufficient unlocks to keep your machines up to date, and will always be available in less than 24 hours to help you with any support issues you may have.

Our charges for this are very reasonable and can be adjusted to your circumstances, such as how many machines you are running and how many days per week they will be in use. We can give good discounts for commercial license customers in countries where the exchange rate to UK currency is unfavourable. We will arrange with you a charge that we both agree is reasonable and suitable for the purpose.

Some example charges for a single machine setup at full price e.g. USA / Europe / Australia :

Full time use (5 or more days per week) :£24 per month
Part time use (for example weekends only) :£12 per month
Educational license (use in a school) :£24 per year

For more information about commercial licenses please contact the LFS developers.

Thank you.

Monetising Live for Speed Videos

Live for Speed grants you permission to monetise your Live for Speed videos on websites such as Any video you upload and monetise must be of your own creation. You are not allowed to monetise Live for Speed videos made by other people.

Remember that any music you use in the videos must also come with permission from its author(s). You must obtain that permission separately.

Promotional Use

This is the situation where you would like to use Live for Speed to demonstrate your hardware (for example a steering wheel, display hardware or a motion simulator). A typical situation is when your hardware is on display at a show and you allow customers to try the hardware using Live for Speed - and you DO NOT charge customers for this.

You have our permission to use LFS for this purpose, with one important condition. You MUST display the following text AND the Live for Speed logo on a banner or poster clearly and visibly mounted near your hardware, in plain view of anyone who is standing nearby, and in such a position that it will be visible in photographs taken of your setup at most angles.

required text :
Racing simulation software provided by Live for Speed :

The text may be translated into your own language. The Live for Speed LOGO must also be displayed. High resolution versions of our logo are available here :
-Download High Resolution LFS Logo

You do not need to contact the LFS developers for this permission. Thank you for promoting Live for Speed in conjunction with your hardware.