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Posted by GreyBull [CHA]
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

April-May 2010 RB4 Trophy underway

The Fun Racing League is back, for even more fun! Some changes have been made, to make the league more entertaining.
A 15 minutes qualifying session has been introduced for each event, replacing the old pre-qualifying system, which will only serve to establish the top 32 getting qualified for the event.
Also, two events will be splitted into 2 traces of 25 minutes instead of 1 race of 50 minutes, with a top 8 reversed grid for the second one.

Here's the calendar:

Posted by paulistabr


Begins on April 11, 2010.
XFR & UFR Championship sponsored by Motorsport Virtual community.
Come join this long awaited event.

Posted by zeromussov

Introducing: Apex Cup

Hello LFS Racers,

We are proud to announce a new league in Live for Speed: Apex Cup
Apex Cup is a challenging league that will provide the best action out there!

Apex Cup will start it's first season on May the 7th at Aston North with the Formula V8.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

The real fun is back

Hi, we are happy to inform you that a new series of events will start soon.
The first scheduled event is with FOX on Westhill Int.
rev: two sprint races to 15 laps each.
Please visit the new website of Fun Racing League and give us Your opinion!

Posted by TFalke55
NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

Stay tuned and Tune in for 2010.

Time has passed and we're in the Month of March.
Since March 2008 this month is the time of the year where everyone starts focusing on the Kyoto Ring Oval.
Also since then it have been a CoRe-fest.