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Posted by TFalke55

LFSCART presents the Martinsville 100

On November 4th NDR and LFSCART will do the Martinsville 100 night, with 4 short track oval races on a Martinsville layout.
The four races are scheduled for 40 laps.
The first green flag will wave at about 2100UTC.
The Formula V8 is the car of the evening but with an extra load of 90kg.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Last race with UFR... MRT trophy is coming

The Fun Racing League is going to drive the last race of the October Monthly Trophy: UFR @ South City Long.

We are ready for November Trophy with MRT
We also hope to reach the goal of 200 league members! Now we are 186 and, considering that the league was born in april, it's a great result.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The DoP 2010 Tour - Three Important News!

The 'DoP - Qualify' Server is open
Now, it is time to do your qualifying.
The laps for a good time are limited to an amount of 10 laps.

Using a number plate for the DoP 2010

Posted by TFalke55

Pettigrew wins at Westhill - Concept Racing takes the lead

The International 100 was the second round of the LFSCART Light Winter Series 2010.
Overall it was the second road course round in LFSCART Light history after the Jamaica 130 three months earlier.
Also it was the first time the Superpole Session was used in a League race.

Posted by marcel.

All 940 Hotlaps Green

drive this Friday Morning his Last "Red" Hotlap,and have now all 940 S2 Hotlap-Combination in the Benchmarktime,what means "Green".

Posted by paulistabr


[b]Welcome to MOTORSPORT VIRTUAL , we are pleased to provide our members the 1st event of the official Community MV.

GTR Endurance PRO - LONG 1Hour.

Will be held on 24 October 2009 (Saturday) the 22hs GMT.

Posted by z-ro 8

1st Annual Halloween Festival of Speed

Oct.30 thru Nov.
1st will host the 2009 Cavalcade Weekend at the [raceway33]GTR server.
Event details include 3 days of "race your way in" Kyoto Oval racing in slightly restricted GTR's.
Registration is required here

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

October is for the UFR

New Monthly Trophy is starting: 4 races, every wednesday at 21.25 GMT+2, with UFR, This is the calendar:

Oct 09 Aston National rev.
Race: 21.30 (GMT +2) | Race lenght: 30 laps | mandatory pit stop.

Posted by Crady

Introducing Redline Racing's new VIP servers

Hello racers,

We, at Redline Racing, have created 3 VIP servers to provide a safe and enjoyable racing environment away from the new and inexperienced drivers who tend to cause many crashes, especially on the way to T1, and give rise to a lot of frustration.
We hope that the quality and careful approach of the drivers we have selected will ensure that crashes remain at a minimum.
The severs are not private and anyone, as long as the servers aren't full, can connect and spectate but only those on the VIP list can join to race.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The DoP 2010 SignIn Server is open!

Dear Racers,

in 2009 we started a couple of races including a 24h race as a tribute to our 5th 'BurnoutCrew' anniversary as LFS Racing Team.
We had a great, fast and thrilling teamevent.
No suprise, this summer we started to organize this little endurance tour again.