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Posted by GreyBull [CHA]
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Fun Racing League - August 18th Special Event - LX4 @ Aston Historic

Fun Racing League is a well established international league held by the Race4Fun team from Italy. Running since May 2009, it has seen 44 events spreaded over 10 different trophies. Its philosophy is to provide fair and friendly racing on easy combos, with no complicated procedures.

Posted by g7usl

Who IS the best racer in LFS?

Well you can prove that you are by entering the forthcoming 'Expert' series Here.

The winner will be the one that is good in all cars at certain LFS tracks both Road and Dirt. One race fortnightly leaves plenty of practise time.

Posted by Zarky

[LTC] Enduro

Official Name: [LTC] Endurance.

Prizes: £2,000,000 Cruiser Cash.

Posted by mill3num


Learn more / DATA: 10/07/2010 / CIRCUITO: 1ª KYOTO NATIONAL.
Licença Original do games: Grid, DiRT eOperation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.