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Posted by Wilko868
NDR TBO Challenge
NDR TBO Challenge

The IMA TBO Challenge

Experion Racing Team are pleased to announce The TBO Challenge.
With the current resurgance of the TBO class througout Live for Speeds server, we at ERT have decided to announce a TBO league featuring a test race followed by a 7 race series.
The Test Race, held at Fern Bay Green, takes place on Sunday 1st March, and sign-ups are avaliable in the IMA League sub-forum
We have a provisional calender, along with a suggestions thread for entrants to suggest changes to league rules, track choice, etc.

Posted by TFalke55

Sign-Ups opened for 2009

LFSCART, a mixture of road and oval courses in a single seater league, heads to its second season.
10 season stops on all LFS venues (except Autocross) including 3 stops in the Oval (twice anti-clockwise, one clockwise) over different distances will guarantee some decent racing and at the end of the season a great champion.
It will be the first season to be ran fully under New Dimension Racing administration.

Posted by paulistabr


Come join our events during the year 2009, we have many events in our league GRIDLFS, welcome.


Posted by J@tko
NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

Sign-ups open for the 2009 NDR Kyoto 250 - The Great LFS Race

NDR are pleased to announce that Sign ups for the 2009 edition of the Kyoto 250, 'The Great LFS Race', are now open.
The race will take place on the 7th March this year.

We have entry requirements to try and prevent a repeat of last year's n00b fest:

Posted by DeadWolfBones

One Week Left in LFS Community Awards Voting

With just one week to go in voting for the LFS Community Awards, there are a number of close fights ongoing.
Who will win the titles of Driver and Team of the Year? What's the best public server for racing? For drift? For cruising? Who's the oddest dude on the forums? All these questions and more will be answered in a week's time!

So, if you haven't voted, make your voice heard! All polls can be found in the special LFS Community Awards subforum.