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Posted by snoring_snoopy

iCON News No. 6/2009 published

Hi there!

The new issue of iCON news has been published today! You will find iCON News here
Inside this little newspaper you will find the reports from our iTCC League, interviews and some LFS stuff.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

M.Naselli won June Monthly Trophy - MRT

With two great races on South City Long the Monthly Trophy of June with MRT has finished. Maurizio Naselli is the winner, followed by Il Nonno and dt.Modestas R. Congratulations to the champion!

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

June Trophy - MRT: the final race

Wednesday June 24 we'll know the winner of the Monthly Trophy of June with MRT. Il Nonno and M.Naselli, both members of the team Race4fun, are in the lead with 44 points. South City long will decide the champion.

All infos, race shots, stats and more on and

Posted by Knight_Atack
NDR TBO Challenge
NDR TBO Challenge

Watch the Final Event LIVE on the 46!

Watch the final event of the IMA TBO Challenge (Rounds 13 & 14) LIVE on the 46! Do not miss the action broadcasted directly from Aston (North), England, as the two championship leaders, Ramon Blauwhoff and Janne Virtannen battle out the victory.

Posted by michele0676

Icup 2009 by PLZ-Team, final standings

Sypher from PLZ Team wins the Icup 2009, 2nd place for PLZ Damon and 3rd for MC0676.

This is the final classification of the ICUP 2009 organized by PLZ-Team after 8 races.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

The Monthly Trophy MRT: 3rd race

FunRacingLeague changes and new

The June Trophy is very balanced and the final outcome uncertain: after 2 races there are two pilots in the first place with the same points (32): dt.Modestas and Il Nonno. (check the standings here) The race for Aston Club will certainly witness a spectacular competition, with many overtaking in the long straight.

Posted by hanzime

Summer Events 2009

Oh yes the summer, hot, sunshine, pretty girls, nice road trips.. and the nice Sunday evenings.
with the summer events @ !!

These races will be open races. This means everybody is welcome !!!

Posted by TCRluca

Conn3Xx GTR Racing

Hello Racer! This month open Conn3Xx GTR Racing Server..
That's a open 24/7 server with Rotation of track every 4 race!

Posted by Victor

Updated LFS Remote tool

The LFS Remote tool has been updated.
There were a few instability issues with the old version which have now been fixed.
New features have been added like a small racer statistics area (click on a racer's position button) and you can compare things like split times, sector times and laptimes between racers, by dragging their position button onto another racer.
You can now also rotate the map (hold CTRL and drag the map) and zoom in further than before, to make spectating races as convenient as possible.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

MRT Trophy: 2nd appointment

Il Nonno won the two manches of the 1st race with the MRT on Fer Bay Green. Now it's the turn of another classic: MRT on Fern Bay Gold.

Next race is Wednesday 10th June: the pre-qualify tracker says that it will be difficult for everybody. The lap times are stunning.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Logan 5 wins the Monthly Trophy UFR

The title says all: Logan 5 is the winner of the Montly Trophy of May, with UFR. With the 2nd place on the last race, South City Long, he became the first winner of The Fun Racing League. M. Naselli got the 2nd place, and Modestas the 3rd place.
I would like to thanks all drivers who partecipated to this first trophy. A lot of clean and fair drivers, so lot of fun without troubles. Many thanks also to everybody who appreciate our league system and organization. I can say that it's simple but complete and functional, with race results and stats published almost real-time on league website.
June is the month of MRT.