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Posted by jmeade

Angry Angus Racing is running for the cure

On September 29th, 2012, Angry Angus Racing will race a special pink skin in the season finale of the GT2 World Series by New Dimension Racing.
The skin is designed to raise awareness for the 23,000 Canadians and the nearly 1.5 million people worldwide who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

In North America, pink is the colour for breast cancer awareness and October is breast cancer awareness month.

Posted by TFalke55

The favorites of season 16

Ok, I know, this is released right after Round 1 finished.
Still this favorite check by Ethi is worth to be translated.

The sixteenth season just started and the increased number of internationals and many well sounding names from the Germen scene promises the season to be exciting.
Thee CityLiga champions are on the grid, but one may question if they really are able to add another title.

Posted by TFalke55

The grids of CityLiga 16

The first important phase of the new CityLiga season is completed and all competitors can now cool down a bit.
But one does not have too much time as next Monday kicks off the season in South City.
Training for this might be required.
After an eventful closing day of the Grid Qualification.

Posted by TFalke55

CityLiga 16 sign-ups opened

After long waiting it begins.
The 16th S2 season of CityLiga.
The biggest German-based Live for Speed league features 9 different car-track-combinations.

Posted by TFalke55

Surprises at the end

Nearly two weeks ago CityLiga 15 ended.
It is now time to find some closing words.
This little crystal jubilee went straight at the organising site without any incidents or special situations.
The comission also only had to decide about one situation.

Posted by TFalke55

Close to to the finish line

is CityLiga 15.
With the Finale on Monday the final chequered and the end of the season are already in sight.

But as empty as the picture might suggest, it won't be on the track.

Posted by edge3147

MM| TBO Race Series 2012

Motion Motorsports TBO Race Series is ready to rumble down the track! First race is June 8th.
Series Prizes: (No entry fee.
Min Driver limit reached!) (payable only through paypal)