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The Kyoto GP 24h Race

While we return to normal sleep patterns and have recovered from the last weekend's long hours, the virtual pixel dust slowly settles on the Kyoto Grand Prix circuit. Time to look back at this remarkable 24h race.

It has been the fith time that we, BurnoutCrew, had the oppurnity to organize this special race for the community, this time under changed circumstances.
Despite the original plan of two car classes the LRF-class was canceled due to not enough sign-ups.
Over 24 hours would the small N-GTR cars be able to deliver enough thrill? With less overtaking and even less lapping maneuvers?
Would boredom and dullness take over for the remaining 23 hours, as soon as positions are settled and the excitment of the start had subsided?

Not at all!
For 24 hours the suspense was palpable!
560 laps of close fights, each lap a struggle for fragments of a seconde, battles for positions - on as many fronts as in no other DoP before.
Until the last lap was the race undecided at the lead and in the midfield. Rarely has a DoP race been so exciting through the whole grid. The Kyoto Grand Prix turned out to be a great track, with (or maybe despite?) the chicane. This DoP 2015 proved worthy of its subtitle "Return to Race".

Ultimately this 24h GP crowned one winner: The "Team NOX Bonsaifighter" came out on top, in front of "Guglhupf Racing Team".
A captivating duel with both teams at eye level during day and night. Unbelievable!

At first the german "Heroes of Racing" lived up to their as the heavy favorites and took a promising second positon.
However after a disconnect and penality in lap 57 they dropped behind. Now their mission was to fight back to the top!
In their own inimitable way they climbed onto a well-deserved third place on the podium.

The italien team "" showed a great performance in their DoP debute, at times running as high as second place.
Unfortunately in the end only the "wooden medal" of fourth position was scored. But still a valuable addition to the SimRacing Endurance Sports, the virtuel Scuderia from Italy!

Just as every 24h race has its emotional and competive highlights, there are also some low points to talk about. Sadly again the drivers of "exTrem Racing" were struck by misfortune and several technical problems that almost forced their retirement. Still they reached the finish line, too. Keeping in mind how the team had started with totally different expectations, that commands some respect. Each finished race is still a victory, a victory to overcome the problems that can come up.

We the BurnoutCrew would like to bring attention to our own DoP All-Times-Best result of fifth position. Already during the first preperations the team "-[BC]- Geheime Raubteufel" had announced to aim for a spot in the top-5. A good accomplishment, as promised.

We saw one of the most thrilling DoP tours but also the most fair one.
"Thank You!" to all the drivers and teams. That was great.

What did we learn?
Every DoP sometimes brings up strange challenges for the organizers. This year we had to deal with a start delay of over 40 minutes.
Sometimes the simple problems are the hardest to find: The server had no power. Crazy but true. Thanks for your patience at the start.
Otherwise DoP HuD, DoP tracker and the DoP-TV-streamer all worked, that wets the appetite for more.
Already today we say "Welcome Back!" and are looking forward to see you in the DoP 2016!
On this note:

Keep Racing
Klaus and Normann

The official final standings are here.

Many thx Gutholz for translations! Great!