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Posted by Webflat

DoP 2014 2h Sessions

Be legend, but not alone.
We will in invide you and the participants of our DoP Tour for several Special Training Events.

This is a good option to improve and train your skills in short races with different race cars.

Posted by Webflat

DoP 2014 with 12 / 24 hours LFS Racing - being legend!

Everything becomes history, the 24hours LFS Racing, too! In 2004 the first LFS S1 24hours started at Fern Bay and it was a great endurance experience almost ten years ago.
Now we come back with the DoP 2014.
Back on Fern Bay black, as known as the black hell, 24 hours long.

Posted by hanzime

Veijalainen wins 2nd race of the 11th season

We have had the second race of the season.
A dangerous combo on flip overs and watch the world up side down...
The XFR on FE2.
Avoiding the curbs and keep right front out of the red zone was the main thing to do.

Posted by hanzime Season 11

If days start shortening and the kids are all back to school.
in Europe this means only one thing ....

A new season is on it's way .
and we are proud to say we can start season 11 already !!

Posted by RandomnessInside

The all-new Formula M series kicks off next month!

Hello to all LFS racers out there! We have something new for you!

An anonymous group of friends designed a new series in LFS to be called Formula M.
It all started as a poll in the LFS Forums brought up in April, which since then has gathered up to 50+ votes for yes out of 70+ voters.

Posted by dekojester

LFSCART Ends The 2013 Season at Kyoto

Time: Broadcast Start around 18:35 UTC.
Course: Kyoto National (KY2)
Race Distance: 49 laps (2 hour maximum time limit)
Car: Formula V8 (FO8)

Posted by Victor

Console based dedicated server

Hello LFS Racers,

For anyone who runs a multiplayer server, we have released a new version of the dedicated host program in the form of a console application.

- Faster text updates when messages appear on screen, reducing packet delays.
- Easier to run LFS hosts on Linux computers.