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Posted by edge3147

MM| TBO Race Series 2012

Motion Motorsports TBO Race Series is ready to rumble down the track! First race is June 8th.
Series Prizes: (No entry fee.
Min Driver limit reached!) (payable only through paypal)

Posted by TFalke55

Ready, set, LFSCART

For the fifth year LFSCART returns to the Live for Speed racing scene.
The premier FO8 racing series features 10 Rounds this year at all Live for Speed venues, most remarkably the returns of the Jamaica 200 from Fern Bay Black and the return of Autocross in form of a 4-turn flat short track.
Also this season, all road course races are 200 mile races.
With the late start of the season, the fifth Kyoto 500 already is the third Round and the season finale will be in October with races still on fortnights.

Posted by TFalke55

CityLiga goes YouTube

Yes, it took a while, but now CityLiga has its own YouTube-Channel.
As Simrace-TV and New Dimension Racing Television deliver streams in good quality, it now was time to start a Channel.
Because YouTube does some good work in copressing the videos, a certain minimum resolution is important to keep the streas good looking, If you don't know, what I mean, please compare the first four CityLiga 15 races to the latest two.

Posted by TFalke55

CityLiga doubles the live action

Tonight it's time for the sixth Round of CityLiga 15 and, therefore for the most unpopular rear-wheel-driven cars in the Live for Speed world have to be precisely driven around Kyoto Ring Grand Touring in order to not be sideways too often.
The configuration has only 2 new corners compared to 'GP Long' but these are no easy ones.
Driving the other way around, the slipstreaming battles will be decided on the break.

As usual for this season, the boys from RAPTOR-GAMING will provide German in-depth analysis on Simrace.TV Channel 03

Posted by Eclipsed
All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

Reno wins the Winter 200 to complete his dominance in series

The Winter 200 was the final round of All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2012 and it was held in the fastest track of LFS - the Kyoto Oval.
In qualifying it was the organizer Rony,who took his 2nd succesive pole position,this time 4 hundreths of a second ahead of the closest rival with a laptime of 39.32 seconds.