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Posted by Webflat

24h Race on Fernbay Black - Qualify is open now!

Dear Racers!

The DoP Qualify for the 24h Race is open now.
You may visit "DoP - Qualify" to set some fast laps.
for your team.

Posted by Webflat

24h Race on Fernbay Black

Happy New Year Dear Racers!

After a very exciting 12h race on Blackwood, we have got some short News form the DoP 2014.
Sorry for the delay, but we have had some strong bygone days.
Now, we are ready to start one of the most popular multicar class race in its 24h version.

Posted by Eclipsed
All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

All-wheel-drive Winter Series offers prize money for the best in it's 3rd season!

Race Green Events presents the 3rd season of it's specific league -
All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2014

The 2014 season has been shortened to just 5 rounds instead of previous 8 rounds,but it will still bring back the best rounds to have very variated calender,using both AWD cars of LFS - FXO GTR and RB4 GT and 5 different venues.
Series starts with NewYear City Challenge - the urban track driven with powerful and traction rich FXR will feel like a narrow alley.

Posted by Webflat

DoP 2014 2h Sessions

Be legend, but not alone.
We will in invide you and the participants of our DoP Tour for several Special Training Events.

This is a good option to improve and train your skills in short races with different race cars.

Posted by Webflat

DoP 2014 with 12 / 24 hours LFS Racing - being legend!

Everything becomes history, the 24hours LFS Racing, too! In 2004 the first LFS S1 24hours started at Fern Bay and it was a great endurance experience almost ten years ago.
Now we come back with the DoP 2014.
Back on Fern Bay black, as known as the black hell, 24 hours long.

Posted by hanzime

Veijalainen wins 2nd race of the 11th season

We have had the second race of the season.
A dangerous combo on flip overs and watch the world up side down...
The XFR on FE2.
Avoiding the curbs and keep right front out of the red zone was the main thing to do.