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Posted by Eclipsed
Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race
Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race

People's choice for anniversary 100th RTFRi event

In 31st march Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race international celebrates it's 100th event!

Posted by KKXBABBO

"C'era una volta..." March 2015

March 2015 - Race 12/03/2015, tonight at 20:30 UTC
Track BL1, Car FOX

Posted by Webflat

The Kyoto GP 24h Race

While we return to normal sleep patterns and have recovered from the last weekend's long hours, the virtual pixel dust slowly settles on the Kyoto Grand Prix circuit. Time to look back at this remarkable 24h race.

Posted by Webflat

24h Kyoto GP - Countdown

After the end of the last practice race teams begin with the last preparations for one of the highlights of the LFS-community, the 24h on Kyoto Grand Prix.
The test race did well to show even to "prophets of doom" that LFS is still alive: The grid was nicely filled, in fact it was full. Sadly that meant not everybody who arrived late was able to get a starting spot. Still listening to 32 N-GTR cars revving their engines on the starting line gives a nice feeling and causes goose-bumps even in the replay. The race itself, this year with only one car class, will surely pack a punch.

Posted by Gutholz
Absolute-Beginners racing league
Absolute-Beginners racing league

Season 20 begins Season 19 has ended but there is no winner. How comes?
Somehow over the winter holidays there was no time to update the points standings.

Posted by Webflat

24h Race Kyoto Preview

With rapid strides the '24hours Kyoto Grand Prix' are approaching. But first we shall take a look back:
Of course we want to appreciate the close racing in the previous race on Aston North and pay homage to the efforts of the winners.
In a really great duel the team 'Absolute Beginners Racing' came out as the winners in a race that had been open almost to the end. For eleven hours the '[WCL] World Clas Lions' had been able to hold on.

Posted by hanzime

Happy New Year From the league

As 2014 is counting away we look forward to have a lot of nice races in 2015.

We have some dominance in the championship but that does not mean they are unbeatable !!

Posted by Eclipsed
All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2015 starts in 28th december

AWS 2015 is ready to launch and Race Green Events offers a total prize money of 95€ for best 5 drivers of the season! The series is run over 6 rounds,using both LFS's all-wheel-drive cars - FXO GTR and RB4 GT,both cars will be used in 3 rounds,offering to drivers a great mix of races in different conditions.

Posted by KKXBABBO

XmasRace 2014 : Sign-Ups open!

XmasRace 2014 - pre-qualifying until 22/12/2014 - Race 23/12/2014 ore 21:30) :
Track Blackwood GP (BL1), Car Baby UFR

Posted by hanzime

Winter Break

Season 12 stops for a few weeks so the youngest drivers can concentrate on there studies before the Winter holidays start.

And for us older bones, we can drink and eat all we can without worrying about driving drunk behind the wheel
So just like the Summer events .we have again the Winter Events.

Posted by hanzime

[WCL] J.Katila still unbeatable

So we had another race on the Fernbay track .

This time the XRT was the car we were trying to hold onto the track.
and be fast at the same time.

Posted by Gutholz

Weekly Motorkhana / Autotest begins 10 Dec

The ultimate competition of handling and precision.
A series of five weekly tests, to be driven with two cars.

Posted by hanzime

Noting stops [WCL] J.Katila from winning

Two weeks ago we had the 4th race.With the FXO on the Fern Bay track.

We knew already that the J.Katila was fast but it seems nothing can't stop his fast way of driving.
Also this time, speed was his second nature as he dominated this race once more.

Posted by hanzime

Katila father and son wrap up race 03.

The third race of this season was held on the same track with the tricky front wheel drive FXO.
[WCL] J.Katila comfirmed another pole position with an impressive time of 0:51:67.
The session brought no incident except for a redundant connexion issue for Ernest and the come back of bruised SLO-Knukles. Welcome back !

Posted by Oliver Feistkorn

Announcing Vires F1 Championship 2015!

After a long time without any F1 series in Live for Speed, we decided to finally bring back the breathtaking BMW Sauber F1.06 car. With its 720bhp at a dry weight of only 530kg it offers a superb power-to-weight ratio. Combined with plenty of downforce it is by far the best performing car of Live for Speed and will be the ultimate challenge once again!

The series will be launched on 23rd of November and features six rounds covering the most famous locations of Aston, Kyoto, South City, Fern Bay and Westhill. Since tracks like AS5, KY2 or FE4 have been done many times in the past we chose a couple of open-configuration tracks instead.

Posted by KKXBABBO

Italian Cup 2015 LFS 11th edition (CILFS2015) : Test Race!

CILFS 2015 - Test Race:

Posted by hanzime

2nd victory for [WCL]J.Kalita

Last race we were back on Sout City again with the XFG.
We have had some nice fights..

We also had some guys crossing the pit exit lines.Collecting 20 second penalty again..

Posted by Webflat

The ultimate 12 hour and legendary 24 hour LFS Race

Dear Racers,

for the fifth time we start the Desire of Patience Tour with a 12 hour race and end up with the 24 hours race in January 2015.

Posted by KKXBABBO

Italian Cup 2015 LFS 11th edition (CILFS2015) : Sign-Ups open!

The 11th edition of the Italian Cup 2015 Live For Speed (CILFS2015) will start the day 04/11/2014 (test race) and race entries for this great cup are already open.