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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

First DoP Race overshadowed by Red Flag!

The favorites came out on top without any trouble during the race.
Fantastic speed from 'Hillen' and 'bOrn' again.
'ineX Racing' unlucky second.

The Winner in the GTR Class - 'ev0»Racing B to teh F'

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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

DoP 2011 - Countdown

Gentleman, start your engines please! In a few hours, we would like to see one of the best competitions this year.
The DOP 2011 Double Tour starts.
The Qualify shows us many competitive teams.

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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The DoP 2011 Double Tour

We are in time, you too? If not, please get ready and stay tuned with your teammates for these upcoming DoP 2011 dates:

Nov, 19th 2010: Signed in 'One Man Teams' will be deleted.
Nov, 21th 2010: LFS 'DoP - Qualify' Server is open.

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SERT 5th Birthday - Racing Weekend

SERT 5th Birthday - Racing Weekend

Date and time of event: 17.NOV.2010.
at 21:00 h UTC

Posted by sid6.8

24 Hours - The first Endurance in 2011

UER Racing and Tsaitschen Multigaming present in association with Blackbyte Boot Camps the 24 HOURS of Aston Historic reverse.

The first endurance race in 2011 will be held on Jan 08, 2011, at 12.00 CET.

It will run two classes.
The GTR class with the FXR, XRR and FZR and the Open Wheel class with the FOX.

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The 30 hours of the Master Race car

Hello Everyone,

The MRc team organize this weekend, the 30 hours of the Master Race car
The event begin Saturday, October 16 at 10 am and ends Sunday, October 17 to 17 hours.

the driver with the most points will win a license S2.