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Posted by menantoll

(IHR)Random Madness Competition with CASH prizes

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

To celebrate the opening of our brand new server, (IHR)Random Madness, we have decided to run a competion.

There will be a first prize of £50 and the remainder of the prize fund will be shared equally between 5 runners up.
This will sent to the winners via paypal.

Posted by ElonB13

Revolutiornary Raing

Revolutionary Racing will be a oval league using Kyoto Oval, Autocross layouts including Motegi, Martinsvillie, Jarlington, and other fictional tracks.
This series will be using the Stock XRG car to give that hometown short track feel.
The series is focused on close racing and the layouts will provide 2 wide racing on flat ground.
Even if you are not an oval fan this is something you may enjoy! Are you ready to feel the heat?

Posted by paulistabr


Events for July 3, 2010 the 20 hours of Brazil.
ENDURANCE: 2 hours with two changes required of pilots.

Posted by skswat

C&S Demo Rallycross Championship

[b]Date: June 16th (Qualifying 4 P.M.
GMT until 5) & 17th (Race at 4 P.M.
Race: 30 laps with no pit stop required.

Posted by MaKaKaZo
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

June Trophy - Round 1 complete review

With the new car, new contestans arrived at the Fun Racing League for some FBM action.
The first round of the June Trophy was again a lot fun, with tense races that lived up to the expectations!

Drivers arrived at Aston National Reversed course for the first round of the Trophy.
Top men in the previous Trophy [Q3]makakazo and RRT|CRNI looked a bit off the times in the prequalifitacion, with WR holder Naselli, MalcoMax and [Q3]Guiouton getting the top three during prequal.

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[MRc] New championship MRc, 7 Days for win S2 !!!

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the opening the new championship MRc to be held from Monday, May 31 8:00 (French time) until Sunday, June 6 to 20 hours (French time).
You will understand that the championship will last one week non-stop, the first driver with the most points will win a license S2.

The races take place on 2 servers MRc demo BL2 :

Posted by MaKaKaZo
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Introducing the FBM June Trophy!

The Fun Racing League comes back to one race per week for the next Trophy, that will feature the FBM and will be held during June, starting the 1st (tuesday).

FBM enthusiasts are expected to participate in this fast paced Trophy with four races in four weeks, located at Aston National Reversed, South City Chicane Reversed, Westhill International and Blackwood GP.
The Trophy alternates between two-round sprint races (25 minutes per round) with top 8 reversed in the second round, and one-round races with a mandatory pitstop (50 minutes long)
A 15 minutes hardcore qualifying session takes place before the start of the race to decide the grid order.

Posted by MaKaKaZo
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

April-May RB4: Trophy wrap, makakazo takes title

The FRL April/May RB4 Trophy has come to an end with a surprising result.
Coming into the last round RRT|CRNI had a 21 points lead over closest man [Q3]makakazo.
This looked difficult to overcome, especially in a sprint race where the top 8 drivers of the first round reverse their positions for the second one, but the upset finally happened.

Qualifying was again difficult as the hardcore mode only allowed for 4-5 clean laps on a fast HL setup in 15 minutes.