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Posted by Victor

Patch Z28

Hello LFS Racers.

We have released a new, full version with an installer and some improvements : Z28.

It is compatible with version Z, so does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco.

The main reason for this new version is that LFS really needed an installer - this will make it a lot easier for people who are trying LFS for the first time, and there are also benefits for people who already have LFS.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

Qualify for Blackwood Rev is open now!

Now it's your turn to move to our qualify-server (DoP - Qualify) and give your very best to qualify for the next race.
All previously driven laps are deleted.
So every driver has at least ten laps for qualify.
Keep in mind, laps are counted after you pass first split, even in- and out-laps!

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

December 2009 - LX4 Trophy

Fun Racing League presents the final trophy of 2009: LX4 Trophy
On Fun Racing League website You can choose the tracks of the trophy by voting in the poll, join the fun before november 26th and become a member of our cool league: more than 220 racers enjoy clean and fun races!
We race every wednesday at 21.30 C.E.T.

Posted by weltfenster1




Our new server is up and running… Come visit us anytime…

Our new multiclass server will be running a 12 track rotation, using 10 cars…

Posted by Victor

Two new t-shirts at

Hello LFS'ers,

I am pleased to announce two new t-shirts have been added to the LFS merchandise shop.
Not long ago we held a competition for 'the next design' and the two with the most votes had theirs come to life.
The 'Serious Simracer Kit' by ElvisArg and creative LFS design by JJ72 will make great additions to the shop!

Posted by Webflat

DoP 2010 - Spectacular opening on Aston North!

GTR Class - 'n!facluty' won fortunate ahaed the 'Alternative' FZR

We have seen on Aston North a really strong competition.
Directly from pole 'Alternative.AXLE3D' started in the race.

Posted by z-ro 8

2009 Cavalcade Qualifying Complete

Congradulations to #68 Welty GER on securing the pole position for the inaugural Halloween Festival of Speed this Sunday, brought to you by RSR and [raceway33].

Welty beat out some of the finest oval racers in LFS, taking his XRR to the top of the chart and never relinquishing his position.

Starting alongside Welty in Sunday's Main Event will be [FM]^Brandon, with the second fastest qualifying lap, securing his front row starting position.

Honorable mention goes to #65|Frogs for qualifying 3rd, surprise 4th place qualifier [AW]Grim, and 5th is oval-ace Ori.

Posted by Victor

Patch Z25

Hello LFS Racers.

We have released a new, full version with many improvements : Z25.

It is compatible with version Z, so does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco.
We are working to get those things to you as soon as possible, but in the meantime we wanted you to get the benefit of all the new compatible features and updates that have been tested a lot recently on our forum, including :

Posted by TFalke55

LFSCART presents the Martinsville 100

On November 4th NDR and LFSCART will do the Martinsville 100 night, with 4 short track oval races on a Martinsville layout.
The four races are scheduled for 40 laps.
The first green flag will wave at about 2100UTC.
The Formula V8 is the car of the evening but with an extra load of 90kg.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Last race with UFR... MRT trophy is coming

The Fun Racing League is going to drive the last race of the October Monthly Trophy: UFR @ South City Long.

We are ready for November Trophy with MRT
We also hope to reach the goal of 200 league members! Now we are 186 and, considering that the league was born in april, it's a great result.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The DoP 2010 Tour - Three Important News!

The 'DoP - Qualify' Server is open
Now, it is time to do your qualifying.
The laps for a good time are limited to an amount of 10 laps.

Using a number plate for the DoP 2010