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[MRc] Play-off event

Hello racers,

We are pleased to announce the [MRc] Play-off event : "Race of Champions" layout will load on S2 Server makes it into a WRC special stage two car track. The event would be a series of races one on one. Racers are paired up and the winner proceeds to race the winner of another race until last 2 standing. If there are lots of drivers, first round should be one race and winner proceeds, not so many then maybe best of 3?
Layouts for FE6/ BL3 / BL2.

Time and date for this event was set to 3rd October 2010
Time: 16:00 GMT / 17:00 MRc server time / 18:00 CET
Server: [MRc] Master S2
Car: RB4
Layout: FE6
Laps: 4

1) Start and reach finish before your opponent Very Happy
2) If you hit the barrier and left your track line, you are disqualified
3) Driver with 2 wins proceed to the next round
4) Winner can join to [MRc] team (if he will wish)
5) Inclusion to A,B,C,D groups will depend on times which will make in 20 minutes Qualify on FE6 track (without layout).

Few hours before event will layout load on server for practice and locked with password "practice"

for information and to reserve your place for [MRc] Play-off event visit :

Team MRc