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The 30 hours of the Master Race car

Hello Everyone,

The MRc team organize this weekend, the 30 hours of the Master Race car. The event begin Saturday, October 16 at 10 am and ends Sunday, October 17 to 17 hours.
the driver with the most points will win a license S2.

During the 30 hours, several races of 3 rounds will be restarted automatically (one race every 5 minutes).

Time: 9:00 GMT / 10:00 MRc server time (type !now) / 11:00 CET
Server: [MRc] Master Rally
Track : BL2
Laps: 3

Rules and conditions :

1) Be fair play
2) No insult...
3) No deliberate contact is accepted
4) respect the race (yellow flag, blue flag ..)
5) Any disturbance will be prohibited from competition and / or banned from the server MRc
6) Have fun

Good luck to all!
MRc Team