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Posted by hanzime

Noting stops [WCL] J.Katila from winning

Two weeks ago we had the 4th race.
With the FXO on the Fern Bay track.

We knew already that the J.Katila was fast but it seems nothing can't stop his fast way of driving.
Also this time, speed was his second nature as he dominated this race once more.

Posted by Webflat

DoP 12 hours Qualify is now open!

Dear Racers,

Now it's your turn to move to our qualify-server (DoP - Qualify / Password ) and give your very best to qualify for the this race.
Every driver has at least ten laps for qualify.

Posted by hanzime

Katila father and son wrap up race 03.

The third race of this season was held on the same track with the tricky front wheel drive FXO.
[WCL] J.Katila comfirmed another pole position with an impressive time of 0:51:67.
The session brought no incident except for a redundant connexion issue for Ernest and the come back of bruised SLO-Knukles.
Welcome back !

Posted by Oliver Feistkorn

Announcing Vires F1 Championship 2015!

After a long time without any F1 series in Live for Speed, we decided to finally bring back the breathtaking BMW Sauber F1.06 car.
With its 720bhp at a dry weight of only 530kg it offers a superb power-to-weight ratio.
Combined with plenty of downforce it is by far the best performing car of Live for Speed and will be the ultimate challenge once again!

The series will be launched on 23rd of November and features six rounds covering the most famous locations of Aston, Kyoto, South City, Fern Bay and Westhill.

Posted by KKXBABBO

Italian Cup 2015 LFS 11th edition (CILFS2015) : Test Race!

CILFS 2015 - Test Race:
Aston Grand Prix (AS5), Formula Renault 2000( FOX)

Posted by hanzime

2nd victory for [WCL]J.Kalita

Last race we were back on Sout City again with the XFG.
We have had some nice fights..

We also had some guys crossing the pit exit lines.
Collecting 20 second penalty again..

Posted by Webflat

The ultimate 12 hour and legendary 24 hour LFS Race

Dear Racers,

for the fifth time we start the Desire of Patience Tour with a 12 hour race and end up with the 24 hours race in January 2015.

This year we have choosen the subtitle 'Return to Race', because some of us really enjoy the DoP every year again and again.

Posted by KKXBABBO

Italian Cup 2015 LFS 11th edition (CILFS2015) : Sign-Ups open!

The 11th edition of the Italian Cup 2015 Live For Speed (CILFS2015) will start the day 04/11/2014 (test race) and race entries for this great cup are already open.

The main innovations of this edition are:

- The championship will be held on 7 races using cars Road, GT and Formula, with partial draw of cars and tracks (possible combinations can be found in the Regulation);

Posted by hanzime

[WCL] J.Katila wins 1st Race of the season

Last Sunday saw the first race of our new season 12, based this year on touring cars only, with the nibble XFG front wheel car on the twisty track of Aston Cadet as the hors d'oeuvre.
We were glad to welcome some of our regular contestants but also a couple of new comers who made this race very competitive.
We also took the opportunity to welcome Salatoimic as our new working admin, following the health issues that Slo-Scatter had to face this summer.
We send to Slo-Scatter all our wishes for a fast and complete recovery.

Posted by Gutholz
Absolute-Beginners racing league
Absolute-Beginners racing league

Saison 19 begins this sunday!

The 19th season of the Absolute Beginners Racing League begins THIS SUNDAY!

The frontwheel driven NTG cars will bounce around the bumpy South City Long reversed track for 26 laps.
The announcement comes a bit late, but it is still possible to join and drivers of all skills are invited.

It is also possible to join mid-saison.

Posted by Victor

New Version 0.6G

Dear Racers,

You can now download a new update of Live for Speed with graphical improvements and support for the Oculus Rift DK2.

The main visual improvement is related to objects with transparency, such as trees and railings.
In most cases we have been able to improve their appearance a lot by using a new drawing style.

Posted by TFalke55

CityLiga 19 Sign-Ups open!

Dear LFS community,

the summer break is over, the winter term is about to start! Eight race mondays with different combos, among others one that is voted by the drivers, are on the CL19 program.
As usual the new season will feature multiple parallel servers, which are looked after by the race admins, so that every participant can compete with similar leveled competitors.

Race calender:

Posted by Victor

Test Patch for Oculus Rift DK2

Dear LFS Racers,

We have developed a first version of support for the new Oculus Rift DK2.
Although it's not finished, people have been enjoying it a lot.

If you do have a Rift and would like to try it out, first install LFS version 0.6F from our downloads page then install the test patch available from this thread on our forum.

Posted by dekojester

Signups open for Seventh Season of the LFSCART Series!

The LFSCART Series returns for its seventh season in Live for Speed.
The series intends to bring out the best racers in the Formula V8 (FO8) together in a challenging test of man and machine.
Originally created my Thilo "TFalke55" Falkenberg in 2008, New Dimension Racing (NDR) welcomed Thilo into their ranks to give him the administrative support he needed at the time.
The series quickly grew into the elite tier for single-seater action in NDR, with several awesome battles throughout its history.

Posted by TFalke55

CityLiga 10³

Dear LFS community, dear CityLiga participants,

four months ago our new and CityLiga 18 opened their gates.
With the end of our eighteenth S2 season, we want to celebrate our tenth anniversary together with you.

Posted by Cornys

LX4 Track Day

LX4 Track Day will take place on 5 July 2014 starting at 16:30 GMT.
We will run one 10 lap race followed by one 25 lap race with inverted starting grid (top 10 only if more than 10 attend) on the Aston Cadet Circuit in the LX4.
Qualifying will be begin at 16:30 and last 25 minutes.
This will be followed by the first race at or around 17:00 GMT.