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All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

7th season of AWS starts this sunday

7th season of the All-wheel-drive Winter Series is set to start this sunday - 6 different rounds awaits on the road to 5 individual,1 teams and 1 nations titles.

AWS is a league that uses both LFS's AWD cars - RB4 GT and FXO GTR. To make things more difficult,race venues vary from street course over rallycrass tracks,public roads course,stopping also by an oval and finishing the season with classic road course race. To make drivers a bit more motivated,Race Green Events offers small money prizes for the best 3 drivers during the season.

Season kicks off with race at South City in the annual NewYear City Challenge - this year the race will be run with RB4 in Chicane Route reversed configuration - a fast and tricky challenge for everyone. Round 2 is an AWS classic - the "unpropriate" combo where the slick tyres wearing FXR is run on in dusty and bumpy Blackwood Rallycross track in reversed direction. Madness? No - it's actually the fastest way around the track - to win Blackwood RXGP you need a lot of patience combined with aggression. Westhill is known as the best worked out track in LFS and is a must for every series calendar. Unfortunatelly the AWS drivers won't see much of the actual race track - the Central Road Course features just a short trip over it,rest of the action will happen on support roads around it. Westhill Street Cup will be awarded to owner of very strong nerves - mistakes will be awarded with destroyed RB4.

With 2nd half of the season pace picks up as series visit the fastest oval of LFS - Kyoto Ring Oval. It's a race you don't wanna be alone - only good cooperation will bring the glory in Winter 200. After a break AWS returns in Jamaica for it's Trophy - classic rallycross action in the Fern Bay Rallycross track using the "right" car. Season finale brings back classic road course racing as it wasn't in schedule last year. A powerful traction rich car on Aston track feels like a right way to do it - but to make things more difficult,it's a custom configuration not everyone is very familiar. Aston GP will be run in configuration using 2 of the shorter courses combined,codenamed Cup.

2 cars,6 environments,6 races,but only one champion! In the 6 years of AWS history no driver has been able to win the championship twice and knowing the activity of past champions it seems that we will have another new one. Are you the one? Then sign up and join the league to find out: