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9397 Racing
9397 Racing

Love Affair @Fern Bay Round 1 results & Round 2 preview

Round 1 was raced last Sat and it was much fun. 17 bold racers in their RB4 cars started the race, 11 survived to the jacket flag. Go and watch the video of opening lap in the Round 1 results page.

Next Saturday 16.2. at UTC 16:00 we dive deep down in the fundamentals of the most popular rear wheel drive car in LFS - the XRT. The track is shorter and faster. Take a look at the Round 2 information page for having a taste of the track. If you are new to this series, begin at reading the General Information page of the series.

Join the community, hear the latest rumours, and express yourself at the LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing discussion thread in forum's League section.