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LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing
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#1 - lucaf
LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing

>>> All you need to know should be found here Information page <<<<

Any comments, ideas, improvement suggestions etc. are more than welcome here. We have one week time to change everything Omg omg omg

Post your sign up here in format:
username: lucaf
nickname: 9397

You don't need S2 license to sign up for the series. Three first races require just S1, and you may have luck in a voucher draw...

If you are willing to stream one or more event(s), @pm me
If you are willing to act as race control in one or more event(s), @pm me.
Any voucher donations are welcome, and they will be used as prizes in this, or future series
#2 - Racon
username: racon
nickname: Jam 616

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Username : Ayoub2016
Nickname : Ayoub_Maroc
Challenge Accepted
username: Eclipsed
nickname: RG^Rony

I'll sign up in case I have time in one of these saturdays,but it's a pretty bad day for racing for me. Shrug
To others - let's go dizzy in karusells! Big grin
username: michal 1279
nickname: [MRc] Michal
username : redbot_
nickname : |マ| Jeff
#7 - jkat
username: jkat
nickname: [WCL]J.A.Katila
#8 - lucaf
Happy to see people signing up! And surprised no one has questioned the rules so far Smile

I would like to remind to read the information page linked in the first post.
It should contain all you need to know about the event and series. Its possible I have forgot some information there, so feel free to tell me if you feel something is wrong/missing there. But please do it here and before the event instead of during the event.

Please do practice the layout, otherwise you will surely fail during the first laps of the race.
The tyres will overheat quickly with low pressure and strong cambers. Every hit and jump will increase damage, which will affect also tyre heating. It is not enough that you are able to do one quick lap if your tyres are red after that. And when you practice, watch your fuel usage in F12 mode, so you don't need to ask 1 min before race start, how much fuel is needed.

Round 1 combo you can see in the video below
Before you criticize the layout, check the latest version running on the server. In the video you will see the beta-version. There are some tricky and dangerous parts there which you need to master in some ways, to be sure you will survive the race. For example: 1) The exit of Karussell at 1:25. Wrong line will lead you in to the barrier 2) the Chicane Route at 3:04, you will be slow here if you dont practice it. This is probably the most dangerous place since crashing here will cause troubles also to cars following close. Solution: make sure you will not crash here! 3) The barrier before s/f line at 3:50. When you hit it hard, your car will flip!

username: nikolai_01
nickname: -Ivanov-

i might come if i have time, but is it going to be at the evening? or at the morning?

EDIT: i read the first post carefully and saw everything
Track looks nice, but I will not be able to drive on Saturday :/
username: Viperakecske
We have now 10 sign ups, 8 here and 2 via Leagues page.

I want to clarify, that
- you can join also without sign up, but then you will be out of the after-event voucher draw(s)
- even you sign up, you don't need to participate all rounds

I updated the rules related to voucher draws in the information document. I'm happy to introduce one extra voucher draw after the series. You'll read it there...

We will have a Practice Race for Round 1 next Friday at UTC *mess*. I'll try to organize such practice race before every round. All information will be (hopefully) in the information document.
Username: TSOracing
Nickname: William
Username : rayman95
Nickname : b2r Rayman
Username: MandulAA
Nickname: RG^Mandula
I'll try to attend the events, as my schedule allows. (If you need any help organizing and/or streaming, let me know Smile )
(lucaf) DELETED by lucaf
In theory, if i win a voucher, am i allowed to give it away to a friend? I'm thinking of signing up if this is possible, if it isn't then i'll join in without signing Smile
If you win a voucher, you definitely can do whatever you want with it Smile Its just a code string that allows to buy something from LFS Shop.
username: teppari
nickname: [WCL] T.Soini
We have nicely 14 sign ups + me its total 15 + probably some non signed up drivers will join. I will be positive we can have around 20 cars on the grid. Grid size is 40 and it is a custom grid not too tight, for preventing bad experience on opening lap.

I want to remind that the 20 minutes of qualification will run very fast on this long track, since one outlap is already almost 4min and one hotlap will heat up your tires quite much.

The server will be in practice mode until event starts. Join to have some fun with us. I will share my race setup during the practice period, but not anymore during the event (qualification and so on..).

I did not manage to build a streaming environment yet, so if anyone is interested on streaming this event, please contact me Smile
Thanks to Maciek & Rony, we have now a working and spectacular 40 car pit/grid (fingers crossed), maybe wants to be tested Big grin
username: steve13
nickname: steve13
25 min time to join the server <3
Username : rejekt
Nickname : B2R Rejekt
username :amg derinus
nickname :derinus
Quote from lucaf :If you win a voucher, you definitely can do whatever you want with it Smile Its just a code string that allows to buy something from LFS Shop.

Ah, i see Big grin thanks, was just asking this because i thought of giving possible vouchers away for a friend, but he also said no need as he'll just buy s2 soon. i'll just drop in to the races without signup.

also i can't attend first round, my pc decided to pull a neat stunt of corrupting my windows install yesterday alongside with other several issues ive been fixing now for a long while, and quali seems to start in 10 minutes so i won't have any time at all as ive yet to install lots of drivers Big grin

LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing
(51 posts, started )