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LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing
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Quote from nikopdr :Ah, i see Big grin thanks, was just asking this because i thought of giving possible vouchers away for a friend, but he also said no need as he'll just buy s2 soon. i'll just drop in to the races without signup.

also i can't attend first round, my pc decided to pull a neat stunt of corrupting my windows install yesterday alongside with other several issues ive been fixing now for a long while, and quali seems to start in 10 minutes so i won't have any time at all as ive yet to install lots of drivers Big grin

Don't worry niko I won the race on your behalf Tongue
Thanks for attending this event! So at the end there were 17 cars in the grid.

Round 1 results page has been created and point standings updated. You will the results from the information page or pick direct link to results

Gratz for Nova / MicroSpecV for dominating the weekend Thumbs up

Thanks also for your patience during tecnical problems. So this morning I added two route checkers in the halfway of the grid, just to capture wrong way drivers (for some reason they appear now and then). Looks like those who started between those checkers, they ran only over the second checker and got spectated. I quickly realized what may be wrong when seeing racers spectated right after green light, and took "red flag" out. Happy end, and feel free to share your feelings or just give feedback, here or in pm.

Track for Round 2 is up and running on the server. I will keep several car choices there following days, then restrict to XRT & practice mode near next weekend. Its time for XRT and no dirty sections!

Round 1 mpr attached >>
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LAFB ROUND1 QUALI.mpr - 3.2 MB - 31 views
LAFB ROUND1 RACE.mpr - 10.9 MB - 30 views
I'm ill at home,not possible to get out in life like most of the weekends,so I used that to join the race yesterday. It was a bit difficult to race with content of my nose building up pressure to my eyes,but with that car probably even at my best shape wouldn't done better. I mean I was able to keep up with previous AWS RB4 Master for most of the race,then again he was complaining about bad setup... It was fun to race something different,but I must say I wasn't fan of that FE1/3/4 pitlane section - Fern Bay is badly famous for 2 pretty bad chicanes and that section just added another 2...
Info page has been updated, please visit it. It contains also a link to Round2 page

Quote from Eclipsed :I must say I wasn't fan of that FE1/3/4 pitlane section - Fern Bay is badly famous for 2 pretty bad chicanes and that section just added another 2...

Thanks for feedback and participation. Unfortunately "chicane route" will be present also on round 2, though it will be reverse direction. I know it doesn't help even I say I thought a lot about it, whether I include the chicane part in the layout or not.

Rounds 3 & 4 will not have it Smile
Maybe keep chicane route but remove the Speed hump kerbs. Would be less of rolling dice and closing eyes when going in chicane Rofl
I wont modify the layouts anymore. First version was without kerbs, and it was more dangerous since racers tried to cut even more close the wall. Now its more easy to focus when you know its not worth to go too close the wall.
Round 1 results page updated with a short video and voucher draw results.

After each round one 6£ LFS Voucher is drawn and after the series two (2) additional LFS Vouchers will be drawn. How to be part of the draw - read from the information document.

edit: MPR link added to Round1 results page.
Round 2 is closer than ever!

I updated new information in Round2 Document.

If you feel tired to remember times in UTC format, check the timetables from Race Calendar and you'll see the times in your local time zone. Yes, I added a practice race for next Fri.

If you feel tired to learn all the tricks of new layouts, I have now made it easier to you. I listed all specific things which in my understanding is good to notice on that layout. You'll find my list in the description of the Round 2 Preview video.

If you want to see the list who all have signed up for this series and who so far have won Voucher Draws, you find the list in the 2nd tab of the Point Standings sheet
Round2 results + everything you want to know about the race

Thanks again for anyone supporting, joining and having fun. I still need to improve my routines and I hope next event will have better control. I wanted to leave midrace open for a little while (for example one racer had false start and was spectated) and it caused some others curiuous people to joined the race.

The fatal mistake was that I had forgot to set "SpecFromPits=True", so the non-invited racers were able to rejoin several times even they crashed their cars. Despite of all this, seems that they didn't cause significant mess to the race.

Feel free to discuss the race either here or on my Discord
I dig more my Airio configurations related to re-joining races and noticed I could use the rejoin % and leave midrace joining open for the first % of the race (meaning the first 36 seconds, in one hour race).

This would allow people to join or re-join race during first 36 seconds (or why not 2% => 72 seconds) just in case somebody crashes badly in T1 or does a jump start. The rejoining can be restricted also for only one re-join. How does that sound?

In addition to this, I plan to keep server passworded during the qualification and maybe remove password after the rejoin percentage has completed (should then bind the command on my wheel button) just for having audience and PR for the event (so far nobody has complained the noisy audience during Round2).

As before previous rounds, tomorrow practice race for Round3 (10min quali, ~30min race) at UTC 17:00
Round 3 onboard hotlap

Nice activity we had yesterday night. Good practice hours with several visitors. Hope to see today many of you, though the timetable is early and its Saturday. Official race event of Round 3 starts at UTC 16:00, join in time! This time server will be passworded during Qualify and password will be removed after race has started and joining not possible anymore.
Server is warming up Smile

I couldn't get Airio rejoing configuration to work, so we will start with midrace join disabled, and cross fingers no-one jump starts at red lights Smile Server pwd
Ya right
Wow, I quickly scanned the MPR but I missed that totally. Hope Rony is OK! And poor Jeff Big grin
(I will add this vid in the Results page)
I made only 2 small mistakes,both with big consequences,unfortunatelly Jeff got involved in 1st one and 2nd one caused my retirement... Was a weak race for me anyway,I usually tend feel better with the LX6.
Fun fact - after the incident in video,the victim had a longer repairs pitstop than the one who made that stunt. Shrug
Looks like also Rejekt spun after being hit by Jeff's bouncing car
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Today is the day! Long awaited Round 4 The last round of this series will bring us more speed and more danger!

Three new sign-ups have been submitted through leagues page, and so far each round has been more popular.

In the practice yesterday we saw the potential risks of this combo. If you join without practice, your tyres will be red-hot-chili-peppers in two laps.

If you are new or just not confident with this combo
  • Use TC & ABS
  • Brake in time (its not that difficult)
  • Don't Hurry Dead banana be rather a turtle than a rabbit
Second thing: Be careful in close racing! The track is fast and dangerous and the car has no slick tyres!
Third thing: Assume you will not finish the race, and do everything to prove your assumption wrong.

Join server in time. Practice. Have fun. Respect others. Good luck!

Round4 results

What a great race by everyone! Watched full MPR and was delighted to see how each one took care and raced really clean. Less mess than expected! Thumbs up

LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing
(51 posts, started )