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Posted by dekojester
NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

New Dimension Racing announce Dates for 2009 Kyoto 250 and 2009 Kyoto 500

Dear Racers, and LFS Community:

The New Dimension Racing Team is Pleased to announce the dates for the 2009 runnings of the Kyoto 250 and Kyoto 500.

Posted by TFalke55

2009 Schedule released

LFSCART '09 will see its first green flag weaved in April at Kyoto National Reverse, one of three new Grand Prix to the LFSCART schedule, the British Grand Prix at South City Town and the Grand Prix of Blackwood are the other two. Also new to the 2009 season will be the track of Aston National Reverse. It entered the schedule substituting Aston North, where the Grand Prix of Aston took place this summer. As LFSCART stands for road course and oval racing, LFSCART will visit again the Kyoto Oval three times, including the 2009 Kyoto 500, which will be again the highlight of the year.

Posted by Victor

Dedicated host update, version Z2

A new LFS dedicated host is now available, fixing several security issues where it was possible for non-administrators to take control over a host.

We therefore advise everyone who runs a dedicated host to upgrade to version Z2 as soon as possible.

Posted by Victor

LFS News now on LFS World

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce our new LFS News section where in the future you can find not only generic news about Live for Speed, but also news about leagues and events.
Because this will become a centralised place mainly for community news, we have fitted this section with a news submission feature allowing each and every LFS racer to submit news, if they think they have something worthy to report. You can submit generic news or news about a league. You can also add images and files to your news post, just like on a forum basically, except you can use the attachments inside your text as well (see submit page for more information).