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Posted by Victor

Console based dedicated server

Hello LFS Racers,

For anyone who runs a multiplayer server, we have released a new version of the dedicated host program in the form of a console application.

- Faster text updates when messages appear on screen, reducing packet delays.
- Easier to run LFS hosts on Linux computers.

Posted by dekojester

LFSCART Series goes back to making left AND RIGHT turns on 13 July!

Time: Broadcast Start around 18:35 UTC.
Course: South City Town Course Reversed (SO5R)
Race Distance: 80 laps (2 hour maximum time limit)
Car: Formula V8 (FO8)

Posted by Jogy22

Once again

...a season of CityLiga is over, perhaps too early for some of you, for others maybe too late.
Whether it was the (finally) onset of summer in many parts of Germany respectively Europe, decreasing motivation or other reasons, that only 38 UF1 leaved the pits for the final race of the CL17, remains questionable.

Posted by mrkela

Mad Race

Hi friends,here's a bit of fun.
ogranized by Mad Drivers Team.

it's a Mad Race, in 3 rounds.

Qualifications 30 min ,race 10 laps + 1 pit, stage Blackwood GP , car: XRG, XFG.

Posted by dekojester

LFSCART 2013 Begins at Aston on Saturday, 4 May!

Race fans!

The SIXTH season of the LFSCART Series returns to Live for Speed on Saturday, 4 May 2013.
The challenging mixed-discipline FO8 series uses what some argue as LFS's best car to test driver's skill, speed, and patience in approximately 90-minute long races.
Race start with a formation lap and a standing start, and allow for the possibility of Safety Car deployment(s) throughout the race if necessary.

Posted by dekojester

LFSCART and LFSCART Light 2013 Is Here!

The premier Single-Seater league of New Dimension Racing, the LFSCART Series, and it's support series LFSCART Light Series, return for another season of exciting FO8 and FOX action this summer! Both series retain their mixed-discipline format, with two of the nine rounds for each being on the Kyoto Oval.
The Sixth Annual Kyoto 500 highlights the LFSCART season on 29th June 2013, and LFSCART Light returns with "The Night Before The 500" on June 28th.

The LFSCART Light Series run on alternate Fridays starting 3 May, the LFSCART Series run on alternate Saturdays starting 4 May.

Posted by mrkela

Demo Team Race 2 (DTR2)

Competition teams, qualifications 30 min ,race 10 laps + 1 pit, stage Blackwood GP , car: only XFG.
Date of race: 12.05.2013 21:00 , server: MaksNet & SERT Demo1 ,
password server sends a private message.
registration ends 07.05.2013 !!

Posted by dekojester
NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

2013 Kyoto 250, LIVE on 30 March 2013!

The Great LFS Race returns for its 6th annual occurrence on 30 March 2013!

250 miles around the Kyoto Ring Oval in Live for Speed, 135 laps.
A challenge of car and driver.

Posted by dekojester
NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

Signups Remain Open for the 2013 Kyoto 250, Practice Sessions Continuing

The 6th Annual Kyoto 250 is approaching.
Dubbed "The Great LFS Race" and styled after NASCAR's Daytona 500, this year's 250 is coming along nicely in the preparations.
Signups opened on March 15th, and will remain open until Saturday, March 23rd at 20:00 UTC.
So far, 50 drivers have signed up, and a little over a dozen have met all entry requirements and been approved to attempt to participate in the Kyoto 250.