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Posted by dekojester
NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

Signups Remain Open for the 2013 Kyoto 250, Practice Sessions Continuing

The 6th Annual Kyoto 250 is approaching.
Dubbed "The Great LFS Race" and styled after NASCAR's Daytona 500, this year's 250 is coming along nicely in the preparations.
Signups opened on March 15th, and will remain open until Saturday, March 23rd at 20:00 UTC.
So far, 50 drivers have signed up, and a little over a dozen have met all entry requirements and been approved to attempt to participate in the Kyoto 250.

Posted by TFalke55

35 stars of CL17

Just after the end of Grid Qualification and before the first race, it is time for our short look at the favorites of the new CityLiga season.
Especially well-known faces are present again and this facts reheats some everlasting duells.
Again many great drivers sigend up and one can say this is the International German Championship of Live for Speed, especially since the season again features the best Germans and the one or the other top driver from the rest of Europe.
The following text lists drivers, who, in the eyes of the author, can win the championship or at least fight for it,

Posted by mrkela

Demo Team Race (DTR)

Demo Team Race (DTR)

Competition teams, qualifications 30 min ,race 10 laps + 1 pit, stage Blackwood GP , car: only XFG.
Date of race: 03.03.2013 21:00 , server: Demo Team Race ,
password server sends a private message.

Posted by TFalke55

Let's grid!

Before everyone starts (to continue) their preperations for the kick-off of the new season, we have some more things to say.
About 24h after the end of the Grid Qualifications we find the results of it here:
CityLiga 17 will start with three grids of 28 drivers each, sothat 9 of the 93 sign-ups have to start their season from the waiting list.
The field is relatively close after this first show-off (3s instead of 3,5s in CL16's Grid 1) and the first race starts directly at one of the GQ combos.

Posted by TFalke55

Grid Qualification progress report

Just past the half way mark of CityLiga 17's Grid Qualification, one might notice that the 72 sign-ups differ over the prevailing opinion "LfS is dead"
There is still plenty of room for more interested drivers, who want to compete every monday fortnight with like-minded, fellow racers.
The participents are as diversified as always.
11 nations and 23 teams are represented by CL-/LfS-veterans and fortunately also rookies, who average at 30 years of age.

Posted by Æthelstan

CityLiga 17

A new season is started for an institution of the german LFS-scene.
The CityLiga is opening their gates for the 17th time.
Every driver, beginner or veteran, is invited to participate on mondays every fortnight.

Posted by Webflat

DoP 2013 - Gone and back again


Dear Reacers,

this Year one of the finest and thrilling lfs-events is back, the Desire of Pations Tour: The DoP 2013.
We start this 24h Race with only one mixed Grid.

Posted by TFalke55

That's it...

CityLiga 16 has ended.
The unanswered question who becomes CityLiga 16 champion was answered off-track prior to the season's finale already.
3id J.Holmes was not able to compete in the final race, so メ C.
was awarded his second championship within three seasons.

Posted by Victor

View your online encounters

Hello racers,

There is a new feature on LFS World, which is the Encounters tab in the Racers & Hosts online window.
It will list all the people you have met online the past 90 days (although recording started 5 days ago at the time of writing, so much more data is still to be collected).
You can see who you met where and how many times, how many races you've done against that person and the date of the latest encounter.