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Posted by Victor

New Live for Speed License Price Bands

Dear LFS Racers,

First we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Today we have made a change that will be helpful for many LFS racers. Until now, everyone paid the same price for an LFS license. But this sometimes seemed too high in places which are not favoured by the international exchange rates.

We have compared data on average earnings, converted to a common currency, and separated all the countries into three bands. The first band price is the same as before, £12 per license level (e.g. Demo to S1 or S1 to S2). People from countries in the second band now pay £9 per license level and people in countries from the third band pay £6 per license level.

These prices are now visible on our shop pages. The price bands only apply to licences and license upgrades.

LFS gift vouchers can be used to give LFS as a gift or help a friend upgrade. Vouchers can now be bought with any value from £3 to £36, allowing you to buy the exact gift you are looking for, matching the new banded license prices.

We hope this will make our licenses accessible for many more LFS racers!

- LFS Developers