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All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

The AWD winter league launches it's 6th season in 8th january

Prize money at stakes again - All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2017 offers some extra bucks for it's best racers,giving also free S3 upgrade for the best S2 licenced participant. 6 different rounds awaits as a great challenge,using both LFS's AWD cars.

The league with "slippery road" sign logo is back for it's 6th season - and the traction rich cars will not be scared off from the very slippery schedule of the 2017 season. To be the best AWS driver,you have to master 2 cars - the street legal sports car RB4 GT and the grand turismo class racecar FXO GTR,both fitted with different spec 2-litre turbocharged engines and driven by all four wheels.

The new season will start with return of the FXR urban race - after 1 year absence,the powerful GTR racing machine will roar around streets of South City,using it's longest configuration for the NewYear City Challenge. Round 2 offers first ever full dirt racetrack in AWS history - a 1.8km temporary course layed out into grass field inside of Westhill raceway. Rallycross Trophy of Westhill will be raced with RB4,which will be challenged with tricky turns in elevating environment,probably also the first ever RB4 race without melting tyres! For the 2nd year in row Winter 200 will not be the season decider - the fastest race of AWS calendar will be round 3 this year,it will be also round 1 of the brand new AWS Oval Trophy competition.

2nd half of the season will be started with another visit of Westhill,offering 2nd never in AWS used track type - Westhill Street Cup will be run on temporary racetrack layed out on Westhill's support roads. The high elevation,narrow and twisty roads and much closer trees will challenge everyone's courage to push RB4 to it's limits. Round 5 will be the return of the very classic (and for some also very impropriate) combo of AWS - the FXR rallycross race at Blackwood Rallycross track. Despite lacking grip in dirt sections,FXR still is the fastest car around the track,offering spectacular powerslides through out the track - Blackwood RXGP has always been tough on both machine and human endurance. The season finale will be simultaniously something returning and something new - first four AWS seasons ended on an oval track,while last season was an exeption. But no season before had it's final round driven with RB4 and neither the oval track was the Rockingham Oval! Let's hope for the sake of intrigue the AWS Rockingham 150 will be the host of final fight for the 2017 AWS Drivers Championship.

If any S2 licenced racer reads this and does not want to compete in league which he can't finish due licence restrictions,don't worry - Race Green Events offers free ticket for final race to the best S2 licenced racer through first 5 rounds by giving out upgrade voucher as prize for the effort!

The 8 january will be the start of the challenging journey to find answers - who will be the new champion,will anyone be able to defend their title,as no individual award has been won twice by same racer,will someone push Latvia from the throne for the first time... Want to help to find answers? Sign up now at the AWS thread in forum: