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Posted by Webflat

DoP 2013 - Gone and back again


Dear Reacers,

this Year one of the finest and thrilling lfs-events is back, the Desire of Pations Tour: The DoP 2013.
We start this 24h Race with only one mixed Grid.

Posted by TFalke55

That's it...

CityLiga 16 has ended.
The unanswered question who becomes CityLiga 16 champion was answered off-track prior to the season's finale already.
3id J.Holmes was not able to compete in the final race, so メ C.
was awarded his second championship within three seasons.

Posted by Victor

View your online encounters

Hello racers,

There is a new feature on LFS World, which is the Encounters tab in the Racers & Hosts online window.
It will list all the people you have met online the past 90 days (although recording started 5 days ago at the time of writing, so much more data is still to be collected).
You can see who you met where and how many times, how many races you've done against that person and the date of the latest encounter.

Posted by Victor

Version 0.6E : new multiplayer system

Hello LFS Racers,

We have released a new version of LFS with a much improved multiplayer system.
While using the same physics as 0.6B, it provides a much smoother, more reliable and interactive online experience.
In previous versions there were often delays and lags on busy servers, but the new one works in a completely different way.

Posted by GreyBull [CHA]

Rising F1 star: A look on LFSer Valtteri "Vale" Bottas' career

If you follow Formula One - and if you have an interest in simracing, you probably do, to some extend - you may have heard the news of young Finnish prodigy Valtteri Bottas racing for Williams F1 in 2013.
Bottas' name might still be obscure to F1 circles, but his reputation is great in the junior racing world, where he has taken many prestigious titles since his car racing career kicked off in 2007.

A more unknown part of Valtteri's recent past is his short lived interest in the Live For Speed simulator.

Posted by Eclipsed
All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

2nd season of All-wheel-drive Winter Series set to start in 3rd december

The winter is comming,in Northern part of Europe it means snow and slippery road conditions.
as a result of snowing.
What's the best way to have fun in this cold season? Pack out your.

Posted by Starbert
Absolute-Beginners racing league
Absolute-Beginners racing league

Champions galore at the beginning of the new season!

Tonight the new season begins with racing at the Fern Bay green track in the FOX.
But before the new challenges begin, let's look back at the last season:

We had a lot of newcomers this season to make it a lot more difficult at the top of the leagues: Muc, Stankus, Error, Jona, to name a few.

Posted by Starbert
Absolute-Beginners racing league
Absolute-Beginners racing league

Season 14 of S2-league starts next weekend 04-11-2012

Next weekend we will be starting with our new S2-league season:
Also we will start with a new season of the FZ5-cup.
Read all about it at our site!