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Worldwide Racing
Worldwide Racing

Worldwide Racing Championship Announced

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Worldwide Racing Rulebook:

The Worldwide Championship Series will feature racing for all kinds of drivers. The series will run on four Saturdays and will begin at 16:00 UTC. Events will generally last about an hour after a quick qualification session.

This series will kick off on April 25th with a close quarters short oval race at the Fern Bay Oval in the XRT. This will mark the third annual Fern Bay 150. Tyre conservation and cool heads must prevail in order to succeed in this event. Start will be double file rolling style, with single file restarts if needed. TeamSpeak will be mandated in this event if there are enough competitors.

Round two will be a high speed thriller. Round two will be the Westhill Grand Prix at Westhill International. This event will be 300 kilometers and should last just a little over an hour and a half in duration in the lighting fast BF1. This will allow competitors to work on fuel and tyre strategy while scratching their itch for velocity and speed. The race start will be standing after a warm-up lap, and restarts if needed will once again be single file.

The third round will take a little bit different approach. This round will be two races with two quick qualifying sessions in the MRT at the new Westhill Karting International Circuit. Half points will be awarded in each race. These events will run with a standard LFS start without warm-up lap, and we will do everything that we can to avoid full course cautions in these two races. If needed they will be single file rolling.

The final round will be a blast from Worldwide Racing’s past on the newly improved Westhill racing environment. TBO class cars, World TBO Championship style (XRT – 1% restriction, FXO – 5% restriction, RB4 – Unrestricted) on the Westhill National Circuit. This event should take only around an hour though, unlike past TBO events we have held. This should maximize the fun. Start will be rolling double file, and restarts, if needed, will be single file.

Come out and join us!