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Posted by Gutholz
Absolute-Beginners racing league
Absolute-Beginners racing league

Easter race: "Welcome to Westhill Circuit"

This year there is again a special easter-event at
Last time there was a Race-of-Champions tourney, this time we want to try out the latest LFS easter egg: The new Westhill Circuit.

It will be two half-hour sprint races on WE1r with the LX4 and FBM cars.
(The excact details like number of laps or pitstop might still change a bit.)

To take part:
Register in the forum at, after login there is the server list with password on the right side.
The MID-server is already set to the combo.
(If you are a new driver at AB then add a /4 to your name like: "SuperRacer /4". It is class system and otherwise the server will not allow you to leave pits.)

The event begins sunday 5th April at 19:30 CEST.

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