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Open Endurance Cup
Open Endurance Cup

Sign-ups opened!

Finally the sign-ups are open for the Open Endurance Cup. Teams can now apply for the first season.

The season will feature a race at the new Westhill National reversed track and two well known tracks in the world of Live for Speed endurance racing: Kyoto Ring Grand Prix Long and Aston Historic. Before the serious buisness starts, a test race will be held at Aston North reversed, giving everyone a chance to get a clue how the race events will look like.
  • 2 Hours of Aston North reversed (Sun 30 Aug 2015: 16:45UTC qualifying, 18:00UTC race)
  1. 4 Hours of Westhill National reversed (Sun 13 Sep 2015: 14:45UTC qualifying, 16:00UTC race)
  2. 4 Hours of Kyoto Ring Grand Prix Long (Sun 11 Oct 2015: 14:45UTC qualifying, 16:00UTC race)
  3. 6 Hours of Aston Historic (Sun 8 Nov 2015: 13:45UTC qualifying, 15:00UTC race)
Six classes will be offered: The GTRs, the NGTs, the LX6, the RFCs (rest of the LRF class), the LX4 and the TBOs. The teams can choose before the event in what class they want to participate. All classes score points to two classifications: The Open Endurance Cup for Teams and the Open Endurance Cup for Drivers. A formula, as used in the VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring, will ballance the class results, so every participant has a chance to compete for the Cup, no matter what car he drives in.

Further information is available on

Now it is your time to sign-up! Go to and apply for a spot for your team.