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Posted by TFalke55
Open Endurance Cup
Open Endurance Cup

Test race scheduled, server online and updates for season one.

The Open Endurance Cup will hold its inagual race on Sun 13 Sep 2015. But before the series starts the serious buisness, a test event will be held. On Sun 30 Aug 2015 a 2 hour race will be held at Aston North reversed, giving everyone a chance for first experiences with this multi-class league. This event shall be a simulation of how the point scoring events are going to look like.

Meanwhile the server for the Open Endurance Cup went online and is open to anyone right now. The server is kindly hosted by New Dimension Racing. The website is currently still under development. It is kindly hosted by NOX Ronald (n3ox).

There are updates to the class structure. The LX6 and the LX4 will no longer be part of the LRF and the TBO class. Both cars will still be featured on the grid but racing in their own class, as ballancing them to the other cars turned out to be too difficult for this first season.

With the now scheduled test event, sign-ups are going to open earlier then previously announced. They will open 16 Aug 2015 at 16:45 UTC using the league script. To sign-up your team you will need to enter your team's name, your preferred starting number and your team driver's LFS World and Ingame name. Real names will not be required.