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Posted by mbutcher
CityLiga Sprint Races by [TC] Racing
CityLiga Sprint Races by [TC] Racing

Announcing CityLiga Sprint Races Season 4

Welcome to CityLiga Sprint Races Season 4 (CLSR) organised and hosted by [TC] Racing in partnership with CityLiga ( This will be the final season of CLSR because CityLiga will be closing its doors at the end of this, it's 24th season.

CLSR is a training league accompanying the main CityLiga season. The races will take place every two weeks on alternate Mondays to CityLiga races at 19:30 UTC on the [TC] Racing server (Practice starts at 19:00 UTC). The car and track combination for each event will be that of the next CityLiga race.

Everyone is welcome and you do not need to be signed up to a CityLiga season in order to participate. This season we will be running a championship in which your top 3 race results per round will go towards your points total.

This season will accompany all races of the final CityLiga season. Round 1 of CLSR season 4 will start on Monday 6th February 2017 at 19:30 UTC (FBM @ AS7).

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