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Street Obsessions Racing League
Street Obsessions Racing League

Street Obsessions Racing League - Round 3 - Westhill National

Street Obsessions Racing league - Round 3

Westhill National - 20 laps. February 14th 2018

Server information


The server we'll be using will be Street Dedicated. The qualifying (as per the usual) will start at 18:00 GMT with the qualifying finishing at 18:30 and race starting approximately five minutes later.

Race rundown.

2 races into SORL we arrive at Westhill for the first out of two times this season, to the shorter circuit of National. This track made up of 12 turns on a track that lasts for 4.4km per lap (2.7 mi) for 20 laps.

On the points table a lot of ties are currently showing, the most prevalent being the tie for 1st place between Getrag and Spiiky both on 34 points. Further down the table there's a tie for 3rd between South and Adam both are on 18 points a little more down there's the tie for 5th between Ripstie and Dennis both being on 14 points.

In the teams currently Air Attack is leading on 54 points, followed by [TC] Racing in 2nd with 29 points and Street Obsessions 1 with 22 points.

The server will be password locked 15 minutes before racing, and every driver will be PM'ed the password a day prior to racing.

Read the full points table here: