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Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

24h The final Final

Only a few hours before the DoP Mainevent starts

Nearly 130 drivers in 32 Teams are on their way to Aston Historic.
24h pure racing in three different car classes and seven various cars.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The FernBay review and the 24h preview

'Alternative.AXLE3D' next victory!

Here the followup for the past DoP 2010 event.
The narrow and tight track on Fern Bay Green was within the three car classes a big challenge.

Posted by Ori

(IHR) Ironhorse Racing 2nd Event: NATIONAL 300

Dear Racers,

IHR will organise its second event on 20 / February / 2010.

Start time: 19:00 GMT (11 am PST)

Cars: FXR, XRR, FZR.

Posted by exspeed

Baltic Cup Season 2010 announced

We're happy to announce you that Baltic Cup has opened for second year.
Everyone from Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) may join racing in the league and stand for their country.
Just check the subforum on lfsforum for more information and you can always ask questions if you got any.
You can find everything from this link, schedule, rules etc.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The Qualify Fern Bay Green [R] is still open!

The qualify for the next upcoming race is open.
Fern Bay Green Reverse is the difficulty last prelude before the 24hours Aston mainevent starts.
We expect now at Fernbay Green a lower participation.

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

FUN Racing League - XFR Trophy

February is for the XFR.
VW Scirocco seems to remain only a dream.
Second year for the Liveforspeed funniest league: easy and clear rules, fast and fair racers: these are the reasons of the success of our league!

Join our league and subscribe to events.

Posted by Wilko868
NDR TBO Challenge
NDR TBO Challenge

TBO Challenge and Road Sport Cup Return!

Sign ups for the TBO Challenge and Road Sport Cup have opened today, marking the return for both series after a year long absence.
The TBO Challenge has been moved from last seasons Sunday slot into an evening slot on a Saturday, while the Road Sport Cup retains its Thursday night slot, both events starting at 7pm GMT (8pm CET - 9pm EET)
A broadcast is also expected to run on the TBO Challenge event, with highlights from the last Road Sport Cup event.
Sign-ups, rule books and schedules can all be found here:

Posted by TFalke55

LFSCART Season 2010 - Sign Ups Started

LFSCART starts into its next season: Season 2010 features 11 Events starting in April.
At 9 of those Events LFSCART is the headliner.
It also will be the first season to see short track action with an Autocross Short Track race and so, LFSCART will have at least 2 Oval track venues.
If Rockingham is released in time the following schedule is the one we use: Times are in UTC.

Posted by Ori

(IHR) Ironhorse Racing Event on 23 / January / 2010

Dear Racers,

IHR will organise its first event on 23 / January / 2010.

Start time: 11 am PST (19:00 GMT)

Car: XFG.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

12 hours Endurance on Kyoto National! Fast, fair and furios!

Alternative.AXLE3D with an outstanding victory!
Alternative.AXLE3D won the 12hours endurance race with three laps in front of n!faculty.
Within a perfect race, a perfect set, great performance and a very focused drivertream they reached after 441 laps the finish line! n!faculty has had in serveral situtations either more difficulties as awaited.
The second place was the best and maximum result after this long raceday.