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Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

12 hours Endurance on Kyoto National! Fast, fair and furios!

Alternative.AXLE3D with an outstanding victory!
Alternative.AXLE3D won the 12hours endurance race with three laps in front of n!faculty.
Within a perfect race, a perfect set, great performance and a very focused drivertream they reached after 441 laps the finish line! n!faculty has had in serveral situtations either more difficulties as awaited.
The second place was the best and maximum result after this long raceday.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The Qualify for the 12h Kyoto National [R] is open!

Since last weekend the qualify for the
Kyoto National 12 hours race is open!

Important deadlines:

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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

SpeedCore Racing with a fantastic debut!

Alternative.AXLE3D with the fastest FZR
Blackwood the second DoP race has shown us an amazing race and a thrilling.
competition at the tops.
Especially the GTR-Class offered a really interesting.

Posted by Stefan Gottschalk

RACE-STAR Challenge: Motorsport talk, virtual meets reality.

RACE-STAR presents its first motorsport-show "Virtual meets Reality" live on the internet.

produced by multibc.

Posted by Victor

Patch Z28

Hello LFS Racers.

We have released a new, full version with an installer and some improvements : Z28.

It is compatible with version Z, so does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco.

The main reason for this new version is that LFS really needed an installer - this will make it a lot easier for people who are trying LFS for the first time, and there are also benefits for people who already have LFS.

Posted by Webflat
DoP 2016
DoP 2016

Qualify for Blackwood Rev is open now!

Now it's your turn to move to our qualify-server (DoP - Qualify) and give your very best to qualify for the next race.
All previously driven laps are deleted.
So every driver has at least ten laps for qualify.
Keep in mind, laps are counted after you pass first split, even in- and out-laps!

Posted by lysergic
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

December 2009 - LX4 Trophy

Fun Racing League presents the final trophy of 2009: LX4 Trophy
On Fun Racing League website You can choose the tracks of the trophy by voting in the poll, join the fun before november 26th and become a member of our cool league: more than 220 racers enjoy clean and fun races!
We race every wednesday at 21.30 C.E.T.

Posted by weltfenster1




Our new server is up and running… Come visit us anytime…

Our new multiclass server will be running a 12 track rotation, using 10 cars…