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Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

unified>>b0rn wins August 2010 Special Event for his first ever FRL race

After a 2 months summer break, the Fun Racing League was back for a special one-off special event on Wednesday August 18th 2010. The event was ran on one of S2's longest track, Aston Historic, with the "drivers' favorite", the lightest road car of LFS, the LX4.

With 27 cars at the start, it looked like this would be a very tough event. Before the qualifying session, three drivers were catching all the attention though: the World Record holder unified>>b0rn, the road car specialist and FRL race winner CR|troy, and the reigning FRL champion Naselli.

Right after qualifying, it appeared that the race would be played between the three of them: unified>>b0rn, CR|troy and Naselli dominated the session and were grouped in only a quarter of a second in the three first positions. The rest of the field quickly understood that there was nothing to do against that: the best of the rest, n\Z.Cagas, was 1,5 second behind the polesitter already, sitting in front of CR|Eisbaer and [STO]snoWwy'37 in 3rd row and [RTS] ET and [LRT] Rider in 4th row.

If the start was clean at the front with no main position change, there was drama already in mid-field. A contact between <<SS>> Tim and R4F Logan 5 before turn 1 sent the two spinning the the grass. A few seconds later another <<SS>> car was involved in a majo incident as <<SS>> Cleg tried to go three wide with ex-team-mate PublicEnemy and RRT|ArSena at the kink before the corscrew, but got sent into the barriers at high speed after the 3 cars contacted.

Meanwhile the 3 men in the lead were starting a battle that would last all race. CR|troy stayed in the slipstream of unified>>b0rn for most of lap 1 and would finally find a way through in the pit straight, to take the lead. Unified>>b0rn tried to re-pass on sector 2's longest straight but CR|troy defended his place and remained in front. Not for long. The German WR holder would put a lot of pressure on troy, until the latter made a slight mistake at the end of lap 3, allowing b0rn to challenge him. The two drivers would then spent a good part of lap 4 side by side, with Naselli just behind, ready to take his chances if the battle didn't go well! Finally b0rn passed for good before sector 2's sweepers, but couldn't manage to make a gap on troy and Naselli.

Another battle was raging further down, the one for 4th place, with nothing at stake but honour. n\Z.Cagas was 4th after the end of lap 1 but made the surprising decision to make his compulsary pitstop as early as possible, leaving [RTS] ET in 4th position in front of [STO] snoWwy'37 and CR|Eisbaer. The latter would pull a nice climb, passing his two opponents in the first half of the race. Meanwhile n\Z.Cagas' connection stroke again, making the symptic Czech driver time-out from the server at lap 8.

The compulsary pitstops didn't change much, except that it would allow [LRT] Radeoon to leapfrog [STO] snoWwy'37 for 6th place. The battle was still raging at the front anyway, with CR|troy putting his last forces in the battle with the chequered flag getting closer and closer. He would get a chance in the very last lap of the race, getting in the slipstream of unified>>b0rn, but the latter would eventually win for his first FRL race ever, 42 hundredths of a second in front of troy. Naselli comes in 3rd 6 seconds behind after he lost some ground in the final stages. CR|Eisbaer gets 4th, in front of [RTS] ET, [LRT] Radeoon, [STO] snoWwy'37, [LRT] Rider, [LRT] Jankes and former FRL champion TEM/Y.Laprevotte completing the top 10.

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