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Posted by hanzime

Season 7 race 2

Next Sunday we will have the practice race for the 2nd race of this season.
Track to burn the rubber on is Aston National (AS3) .. The car stays the same.. the MRT.
Also this track is a fast circuit and even has no such tricky parts as the difficult chicane we had on Fern Bay Green.
We have 2 sessions of 20 laps and 1 force pitstop to take.
But the number of laps can still change a bit on the official race

The qualify will start at 20:30 CET (please check our website for correct time) and there is no wind on the circuit.
Your allowed to drive 1 outlap and 2 hotlaps. Afterwards you jump to the pits our you drive back to the pits.
But you DON'T drive in the way of other racers doing a hotlap.
So SHIFT-P is mostly the best solution.

SHIFT-P may be only be used in the outlap once you've started the hotlaps, SHIFT- P may not be used !

After the qualify stay at the box and prepare the car for race (fuel, tyres, setup)

During the race I’m expecting a lot of Safety car sessions..please review the Safety car procedure placed on our front page of

To join us ?? Very simple .. Just follow the registration link on our webpage

We hope to see a large number of racers again this Sunday !!