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All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

Fade takes series' lead after taking 2nd win in row at South City

For round 3 of All-wheel-drive Winter Series we went to tight and twisty streets of South City,where race was held at it's longest configuration - 4 kilometers long City Long. It was the second round using the faster car - FXO GTR. Unfortunately only 8 drivers took this NewYear City Challenge and attended for this race,series leader Reno arrived at server,but never joined. Best of them - the serbian spdoRacing representative Fade,who took pole position with a laptime of 1:29.62,also Kars managed to beat one and a half minute mark with his latest attempt to secure front row start.

Unfortunately even with 8 driver field we could not escape turn one problems - after Kars misjudged turn one entry,he hit Fuller in outside wall,followed by chain reaction further down the field,pole sitter could easily pull away from trouble behind on his way to undisturbed victory.
League organizer Rony took advantage of turn one trouble and slipped into 2nd position,but had later to gave up 2 positions without a fight to Fuller and Kars,making slight mistakes early,very soon Kars retook his 2nd place but only until lap 17 when his connection failed and he timed out from server promoting everyone behind to one position higher.

Even just a day after exhausting 24 hour race,Fade still showed strong performance and won with a solid margin of more than 50 seconds after 26 laps (104km) race,taking also both bonus points for pole position and fastest lap,with this he grabbed lead in both Drivers Championship and FXR Master standings,now leading the main championship by 10 points over his teammate Reno. 3rd in standings still is the organizer Rony,followed closely by 2 MTDZX members - Antti and their new signing Fuller,who also took 2nd place in FXR Master standings,followed by Rony in 3rd.

In Teams Championship the top 3 in standing did not switch places but Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme closed up gap to TheReality Racing Team for 2nd position,while spdoRacing still leads by loosing just 1 point in their advantage. Due to estonian absense in this round,Estonia lost it's position from top 3 in Nations Cup,which is still led by hosting nation Latvia,now with increased margin of 10 points over closest rivals Finland,while single driver Serbia slipped up in 3rd.

Round 3 official results / Series standings

After just one week break,AWS is ready to step back on unpaved racing surface - round 4,Jamaican Trophy will be held at series only standart rallycross combination - racing RB4 at Fern Bay Rallycross track. Series still open for new sign-ups,for more information check AWS info thread.