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Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race
Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race

People's choice for anniversary 100th RTFRi event

In 31st march Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race international celebrates it's 100th event!

Everyone is invited to join the anniversary event,but first we need to decide the car/track combo for it. This time the community takes over the decision usually made by organizer - everyone has the chance to vote for their favourite car and track from 4 cars and 5 tracks,which were the most popular between previous winners.

Please cast your vote:
Vote for car:
Vote for track:

The 100th event will start as usually with 1 hour long qualifying,followed by a 30min + 1 or 2 laps race - main info about RTFRi: This will conclude the official part of the event,but if there will be still interest,we will continue racing with other cars (also people's choice) in reduced distance in publically accessible server as long as there will be interest left!