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100th RTFRi combo voting - track
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Poll : Please select track for 100th RTFRi

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100th RTFRi combo voting - track
In 31st march Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race international celebrates it's 100th event. In order to give a small present to all competitors,combo of this anniversary race will be decided by all of you! Last week all the previous winners and those,who at the moment were in rating top 10,had the chance to propose cars and tracks for voting,allthough not many replied to PM,it was easy to pick 4 most popular cars and 5 most popular tracks from suggestions,which are now given for public voting!

Please vote for your favourite track here! Also vote for the car:
Poll closes midday UTC next sunday (29th march)
Oh, nice to see you having the 100th race milestone. Smile Shame that I haven't had the time to join lately, I need to get some time to join you guys. We had Fox Friday 250th last friday and it was awesome. 5-yr anniversary coming in June. That will be big one.

Let's keep up the good work! I appreciate you doing this! Smile
Let's all vote for WE1 because... reasons Big grin
3000th post too.

All tracks are fast and long and XFG is winning the car! Tilt
i know kapal u vote for fe4r
So track is maybe now FE4R because it got those 11 votes earlier than WE1? I hope I´m right. Smile
i vote WE1 Smile
#9 - troy
Told you it would be out in time rony! Damn pessimists everywhere. Big grin
Would be cool to do a race on the public roads of Westhill.
Hm, strange, as I don't see any of my suggestions (car nor track) sent in that specific PM. Anyway, looking forward to it.
Lol... já jsem taky czech... nečekal jsem že bude někdo jezdi i z Cz...
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100th RTFRi combo voting - track
(12 posts, closed, started )