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Absolute-Beginners racing league
Absolute-Beginners racing league

Season 20 begins Season 19 has ended but there is no winner. How comes?
Somehow over the winter holidays there was no time to update the points standings.
But that does not matter so much, we continue racing: Welcome to Season 20!

The calender of the S2L league is already decided:
Sunday 11 January 2015 - FBM South City Chicane reversed
Sunday 18 January 2015 - XFG/XRG Aston Historic
Sunday 01 February 2015 - FXR GT3 Blackwood reversed
Sunday 08 February 2015 - FOX Fern Bay Black
Sunday 22 February 2015 - MRT South City Classic
Sunday 01 March 2015 - XFR/UFR Westhill International
Sunday 15 March 2015 - GTR Kyoto GP Long
Sunday 22 March 2015 - RB4 Aston Grand Touring reversed
Sunday 12 April 2015 - UF1 South City Town
Sunday 19 April 2015 - FO8 Junior Kyoto National

Again there will be also be a Cup, that runs every third week.
The excact format is not decided yet but it seems like it will again consist of two sprint races per event.
Keep an eye on the news for more information or discuss in the forums what kind of Cup you prefer.

For race reports of last saison, more details and everything else visit:
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