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24h Race Kyoto Preview

With rapid strides the '24hours Kyoto Grand Prix' are approaching. But first we shall take a look back:
Of course we want to appreciate the close racing in the previous race on Aston North and pay homage to the efforts of the winners.
In a really great duel the team 'Absolute Beginners Racing' came out as the winners in a race that had been open almost to the end. For eleven hours the '[WCL] World Clas Lions' had been able to hold on.

The team '[WCL] World Clas Lions' had even been leading until a technical defect and the following penality pushed them onto a still good second place.
A more than respectable third place was archived by the 'Team NOX Bonsaifighter.' The story of 'Team NOX Bonsaifighter' in this 12h race comes down to one driver, one man: NOX Ronald. In suspense-packed duels, sometimes against multiple cars, at times he was even racing for second place. A splendid performance! But probally not to be repeated in the coming 24h, that might not be healthy.
Gratulation to all three winning teams in this nice race! Excellent!

The LX6 class shall not be forgotten either. nananana Racing could secure the pole position in front of Lübeck Motorsports Club.
Eventually Lübeck Motorsports Club changed cars to start with an N-GTR in their first endurance appearance. Maybe this shows what kind of "aliens" were behind the wheel in the LX6 in this car class. 'nananana Racing' was driving unrivaled like from another world.
The old geezers of -[BC]- LX6 Fanatics Team were without chance.

From technical perspektive the race was without incidents of server or drivers. Even the tracker worked without problem. This gives hope for a flawless run of the now upcoming 24h race in Kyoto.

Coming up now is the qualification for the 24h and then the race itself: This year in Kyoto with the lovely Grand Prix layout. There is one problem child, the LRF class. With only two sign-ups we will not start this class on the Kyoto Circuit. So take note: Please sign up in time. The Sign-In servers are open. Should there be less than five teams in the LRF class, the start of this class will be canceled. That would be a major loss of diversity for the DoP and change character of the race. If you have suggestions, ideas or proposals, let's discuss them.

The dates of the test races leading up to the 24h event will be announced shortly. We are looking forward to your participation! Be part of one of the Main LFS Events and sign up now! Teams who still looking for drivers or single drivers looking for teams, are suggested to leave a comment in the forum.

Keep Racing!
Klaus & Normann

thx @ Gutholz