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Posted by Oliver Feistkorn

Announcing Vires F1 Championship 2015!

After a long time without any F1 series in Live for Speed, we decided to finally bring back the breathtaking BMW Sauber F1.06 car. With its 720bhp at a dry weight of only 530kg it offers a superb power-to-weight ratio. Combined with plenty of downforce it is by far the best performing car of Live for Speed and will be the ultimate challenge once again!

The series will be launched on 23rd of November and features six rounds covering the most famous locations of Aston, Kyoto, South City, Fern Bay and Westhill. Since tracks like AS5, KY2 or FE4 have been done many times in the past we chose a couple of open-configuration tracks instead.

Each round consists of two qualifying sessions (Q1,Q2) and one race session. During the 20 minutes of Q1 every driver is allowed to do as many laps as he wants, however only the fastest 8 will proceed to Q2, which features a single-lap shoot-out. The races will cover a distance of roughly 250km, allowing different pit strategies.

Race Calendar:

Round 1: 23-11-2014
Aston North (AS7) : 50 laps

Round 2: 07-12-2014
Kyoto Grand Touring Rev. (K32R) : 34 laps

Round 3: 21-12-2014
South City Long Rev. (SO4R) : 66 laps

Round 4: 04-01-2015
Aston Classic Boot Rev. (A23R) : 50 laps

Round 5: 18-01-2015
Fern Bay Silver Rev. (F21R) : 48 laps

Round 6: 01-02-2015
Westhill International Rev. (WE1R) : 52 laps


18:30 UTC / 19:30 CET - Q1
18:55 UTC / 19:55 CET - Q2
19:10 UTC / 20:10 CET - Race

For more information, regulations and sign-up please visit our LFS-Forum Subsection.