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24h Kyoto GP - Countdown

After the end of the last practice race teams begin with the last preparations for one of the highlights of the LFS-community, the 24h on Kyoto Grand Prix.
The test race did well to show even to "prophets of doom" that LFS is still alive: The grid was nicely filled, in fact it was full. Sadly that meant not everybody who arrived late was able to get a starting spot. Still listening to 32 N-GTR cars revving their engines on the starting line gives a nice feeling and causes goose-bumps even in the replay. The race itself, this year with only one car class, will surely pack a punch.

The orders of the day will be "1) No mistakes. 2) No mistakes. 3) No mistakes."
No damage, no unnessecary repairs - those all mean valuable seconds that can be gained or lost during pit stops.
With the elimination of a second class the remaining field's speed is now even closer. After the qualifying more than five teams might end up within one second, the "Best of the Rest" will follow within another second. No DoP will be as close and suspense-packed as this one.
Desite some usual favorites and "aliens" it is hard to make predictions.
With a little help from fortuna a german team might come out in front and end up on the podium.
In this case all eyes are on the loyal LFS-Juggernauts of "Heroes of Racing" - this event will indeed require heroic spirit!
Should the stars align then one of the Burnoutcrew Teams could find themself in the Top 5.
Teams from other nations are also eager to leave their mark on the event, with drivers from Finnland, Italy and last but not least: The serbian SERT team.
Or will one of the mixed international team have the upper hand?
We are looking forward to dramatic, exciting 24 hours.

Information about the race:
We would like to invite all participating teams to use our teamspeak server.
It helps with communication, brings fun and lifts the spirit during the race.
For every team a channel is set up, divided into "race" and "do not disturb" subchannels. Welcome!
Teamspeak-Server: (IP Port: 9987

A note to everybody who wants to follow the event:
One moment of silence for the old "LFS TV Director."
It will be replaced with the DoP-TV-Streamer, newly developed by Klaus.
Together with the DoP tracker it is going to insert correct overlays with team's positions into the livestream.
As usual the tracker can be used to take a closer look at times and gaps, the LFS-Remote can also be used to get an overview on the race.

The qualifying is underway and continues until friday 22.00 CET.
Sign-ups are open until the end of qualifying. Any questions can be asked here in the forum.

Let's go: The clock is ticking.
Keep Racing!
Klaus und Normann