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SERT 5th Birthday - Racing Weekend

SERT 5th Birthday - Racing Weekend

Date and time of event: 17.NOV.2010. at 21:00 h UTC
Server: MaksNet & SERT S2

Qualifications: 20 min.
Race: 2x by 15 laps (second race have reversed grid order)

Basic info:

• Voting for combos is available until: 10.NOV.2010. After, MaksNet & SERT S2 server will be configured to combo with most votes.
• You can vote on official topic on our forum. Everybody who have registered on our forum can vote.
• Contestants who speak Serbian and English language can participate.
• You do not have to be affiliated with any race team to participate in race.

Possible combos:

Westhill International + UF GTR
Aston Club + MRT5
South City Chicane Route Rev. + LX4

Setups for all combinations can be found in official topic on the SERT forum.

For more information visit:

GO GO GO SERT 5th Birthday RW!

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