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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The DoP 2011 Double Tour

We are in time, you too? If not, please get ready and stay tuned with your teammates for these upcoming DoP 2011 dates:

Nov, 19th 2010: Signed in 'One Man Teams' will be deleted.
Nov, 21th 2010: LFS 'DoP - Qualify' Server is open
Nov, 26th 2010: LFS 'DoP - Sign In' Server is closing at MEZ 13.00 (GMT 12.00)
Nov, 26th 2010: LFS 'DoP - Qualify' Server is closing at MEZ 14.00 (GMT 13.00)
Nov, 26th 2010: LFS DoP - 'Last Briefing' MEZ 18.00 (GMT 17.00)

Last chance for creating, joining and changing teams and driver is
Nov, 26th 2010: MEZ 12.59 (GMT 11.59)

Teams without any driven qualify lap / time will be deleted without exception!

*** Please use your last chance to enter the Grid in the GTR/N-GTR at Nov, 19th 2010 before Qualify starts. So, deleted Teams open up a starting permission for other teams, basically by first in - first serve ***

Now, there're free places in the LRF Class. Remember without any false modesty this is the supreme discipline with most action during a 12 hour endurance race. It is the only class with a teams named 'Golden Ayer'. Smile So, have fun!

Back to serious. We have got with 'ev0»Racing B to teh F' the defending Champions in the GTR Class, Winner of DoP Tour 2010 and 2009! Now, 'Hillen' and 'bOrn' starts the third time in their LFS career this difficulty multiclass endurance event. Could they win a third time in a row? Both driver are meanwhile very experienced in saftey, constand and fast driving. The favorites evO>>Racing Team.

The N-GTR competition is even more exciting than last year. The defendig team Xcite starts again in the DoP 2011 Double Tour. HoR announced silent ambitions this year. Times, drivers and sets are proven. eXtrem Racing is back on track, too. The gap is closed to the top. Next step is the Qualify - only 10 laps, we expect a thrilling time.

Yes the LRF-Class is like a supreme discipline in the LFS-Szene, much hated or much loved. 'Golden Ayer' is competitive, more competitive than ev0»Racing #LRF? Not only speed is priority, as well as patience, like the Desire of Patience Tour is. This year finally the best of two top races, Kyoto 12h and 24h!

Keep Racing!

If you like the number plate (first post) Not necessary but welcome Smile

We work hard, IP TV may be possible! Keep yourself informed
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